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Acacia Middle School

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1200 East Acacia Ave.
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Stefani Goldamer

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She's nice and she's not hard. She makes us to a lot of work, she has a website and after school..." view more »

Raul Caraveo

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Mr. Caraveo is a great teacher and I love being a TA for him this year. -Keilany" view more »

Mr. Trench

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Mr. Trench is a really nice teacher, I mean i've never heard him yell or give referrals." view more »

Mrs. Jaimez

Department: Multiple Subjects
Recent Rating: "Ms. Jaimez is an awesome teacher, I have her for AVID. I love the field trips she invited us to..." view more »

J.C. Barb

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Mr. Barb is really strict, but he's helpful with math and makes us understand it better. The..." view more »


Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Mr. Gruwell is an awesome teacher. He is really funny and he's really fun. We do a lot of fun..." view more »

Jesse Ducket

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "MR.jesse is the coolest teacher and is very funney." view more »

Judy Smith

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "SHE IS AWSOME !!! definatley one of the best and nicest teachers i have EVER had. i don't know i..." view more »

Mike Cannon

Department: Computer Science
Recent Rating: "Mr. Canon is awesome!" view more »

Stephanie Case

Department: English

John Huber

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "He's the best ! " view more »

Bill Andres

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "MR. A IS A VERY COOL TEACHER." view more »

Connie Kirk

Department: English/Grade 6
Recent Rating: "Mrs kirk is the worst teacher I have ever had in my entire life. She gets on my nerves, I just..." view more »

John Grubb

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "mr.grubb was weird but a good teacher" view more »

Javiar Torres

Department: Multiple Subjects
Recent Rating: "torres is sooooooo awesome he let us eat candy in class" view more »

Mrs Kirk

Department: Multiple Subjects
Recent Rating: "Mrs Kirk rocks! She is so nice!!" view more »

Forest Haggerty

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "awesomeest teacher ever" view more »

Jose Rawlins

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Mr.Rawlings is a very kool teacher" view more »

Sandra Simms

Department: English
Recent Rating: "best english teacher i ever had!!!!!!!!!!!! rock on mrs. simms :)" view more »

Kimberly Shabty

Department: Grade 6
Recent Rating: "She helps every student that asks for help." view more »

Jason Luna

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Mr. Luna is one of the coolest tacher I have ever had. He is very nice, smart and awesome. YOU..." view more »

Coleen Denbaugh

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "tough yet fun" view more »

Paul Fults

Department: Band
Recent Rating: "mr. fults always cries in class and doesn't know how to give kids a referral instead he goes..." view more »

Grace Flohr

1 rating
Department: English
Recent Rating: "Very pleasant and energetic. Always trying to encourage students. Communicates very well with..." view more »

Mrs. Adams

Department: English
Recent Rating: "her class is awesome I have fun in that class every day" view more »

Mr. Bopp

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "mr.bopp was a good teacher he helped me a lot even though he was mean and weird but he was a good..." view more »

Daniell Adams

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "hi my name is nicole ramey.And i think mrs.Adams is a awsome teacher,mrs Adams is the best..." view more »

Stephanie Knipple

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "I Think mrs.Knipple Is An Awesome Teacher And Very Nice Personn ! 09_10 Pd. 1st F........" view more »

Gale Williams

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "Alls I can say is awesome,Awesome!!!!!!!!" view more »

Jennifer Saurer

Department: Math

Carmen Lewen

Department: English/Languages
Recent Rating: "you need work" view more »

Paul Bopp

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Mr. Bopp is totALLY COOL !! he is soo nice and always explains things well. Ill never orget him..." view more »

Trish Ayeott

Department: English
Recent Rating: "funny nice and a good teacher" view more »

David Mischel

Department: History
Recent Rating: "He is a good teacher dont get me wrong but he is also very rude he throws things at you if your..." view more »

Erin Carr

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "She is the best teacher and she helps me out a lot if I have any problems:)" view more »

Brenda Friday

Department: Counselor
Recent Rating: "Nice but rude" view more »


Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "he is a very good teacher i ever had in my other schools." view more »

Mike Jeffers

Department: History
Recent Rating: "tough but fun and makes history sime to be from a present time" view more »

Renee Daniel

Department: Grade 6
Recent Rating: "She is awesome" view more »

Mr. Mikichi

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "he is very funny but wierd at time" view more »

Cindy Stigall

Department: History
Recent Rating: "YOUR FREAKING AWESOME!!! MY FAV. Teacher from acacia.....even tho i haven't been there in four..." view more »


Department: Math
Recent Rating: "i like her aqsent but she doesnt teach that good" view more »


Department: Math

Kirk Koney

Department: Grade 6


Department: Not Specified