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Avon Park Middle School

Based on 47 Teachers and 122 Ratings
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401 S Lake Ave
Showing 47 Teachers from Avon Park Middle School

Bennie Barret

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Best Iss teacher ever. Will always be adorded by students. Hill gustat took him away:(" view more »

Robin Von Merveldt

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "She is definately my favorite teacher. She makes everything interesting and that is why civics..." view more »

Jennifer Dewitt

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Only the best teacher in the world. Ibrag about her all the time at the high school to mrs wall...." view more »


Department: Reading

Leonard Johnson

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "I love him!" view more »

Stephine Huter

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "I love Mrs.Huter.Shes the best teacher ever.She does an excellent job at being a math teacher.=]" view more »

Kevin Collier

Department: Band

Ronda Stunkard

Department: Home Economics
Recent Rating: "shes rele nice and he class is fun!!!" view more »

Sally Hood

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "i have trouble in math but since i had mrs.hood my grades went up to a B shes very helpful and..." view more »

John Doty

Department: Esl


Department: Esl
Recent Rating: "He is a nice cool person" view more »


Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "she was the best reading techer in the 8th grade!way to go!!!" view more »

Mr. Kuhns

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "HE IS THE BEST" view more »


Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "she was cool" view more »

Linda Albritton

Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "very helpful" view more »

Rhonda Hunter

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Great Teacher!" view more »

Mr. Stephen

Department: Science

Melissa Velasquez

Department: Esl
Recent Rating: "your a very funny and a intersting teacher" view more »

Ben Murphy

Department: Math

Katina Kramer

Department: Principal

Coach Tiger

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "going to miss her" view more »

Jamie Solis

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "i ♥ u and im gonna miss u muchoo!!! have fun this summer 09' remember ILY!!!" view more »

Cynthia Dwyer

Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "Mrs.Dwyer Was My Favorite Teacher..nd' she said she was qone be there for us..bhut she left half..." view more »

Stephanie Devlin

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "The best seventh grade language arts teacher i ever had and a great volleyball coach" view more »

Deborah Summers

Department: English
Recent Rating: "your the best english teacher i ever had you made english class real intersting thanks!!!" view more »

Kellie Duke

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "mrs duke is the best thats all just the best and if you try you will get to do things. she like..." view more »

Tia Folsom

Department: Reading/Grade 6
Recent Rating: "Love her she teaches me sooooo much. a great history teacher" view more »

Ken Matthysse

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "i think about mr.matthysse as a mean bad and to much homework givin teacher he gives silent..." view more »

Chet Osborne

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "mr.osborne was the best!! i had him for math and history!! he loves the lord nd; he's just..." view more »

Shane Wirries

Department: Esl
Recent Rating: "he is the worst" view more »

Adam Smehyl

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "I liked Mr. Smehyl. We miss him at APMS. He was funny sometimes. He reminded me of that guy..." view more »

Robert Jarvis

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "he curses too much but thats what makes him an awsome teacher kids can relate to him one of my..." view more »

Mandy Voskian

Department: English
Recent Rating: "She is a good teacher she sometimes gets fed up , but thats how all teachers are . I love her..." view more »

Linda Roman

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She is amazing at times" view more »

Mrs. Eagan

Department: Substitute Teacher
Recent Rating: "She's so sweet. But not that easy. Be nice to her and she'll be nice to you. EARN YOUR RESPECT !!" view more »

Mr. Hinson

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "he is the best math teacher I ever had" view more »

Leslie Simpson

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Best teacher EVER!! (:" view more »

Richard Rucker

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "AWSOME TEACHER....WE LOVE YOU" view more »

Betty Hart

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "ONLY THE WORST TEACHER EVER!!! MEANY!! RACSIST!!" view more »

Crystal Vaughn

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "She's the BEST teacher, hands down in the whole world. Shes 31 as if now, but looks 21. My..." view more »

Sandra York

Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "I loved her she was awesome" view more »

Lynn Payne

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "she is the wors teacher in the whole school. her class is so boring and she talks in monotone...." view more »


Department: Not Specified

Dan Johnson

Department: Principal

Ashley Acosta

Department: History