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Bak Middle School Of The Arts

Based on 196 Teachers and 2,586 Ratings
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1725 Echo Lake Dr
Showing 196 Teachers from Bak Middle School Of The Arts

Wayne Miller

Department: Band
Recent Rating: "I came to Bak for Mr. Maloon and got Mr. Miller. He is the best teacher ever!!!!!!!!!! <3" view more »


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "One of my favorite teachers (and ladies) in the whole world. She's knowledgable and approachable,..." view more »

Doug Battle

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Mr. Battle is one of THE BEST teachers I've ever had! No matter what, he will help you and he..." view more »

Mr. Kalokerinos (K.)

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "BEST GUIDANCE COUNSELOR EVER! He gave me free popsicles! I'm going to miss you Mr.K!!!! You can..." view more »

Janet Karvonen

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Her class is hard. I know, you're in sixth grade, and no one's holding your hand anymore. So..." view more »

Dusty Bauer

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "he is the best ap ever hes always caring for you hes cool hes trustworthy and hes just an all..." view more »

Katherine Owens

Department: Speech
Recent Rating: "I love Mrs.Owens! She is so kind-hearted and intelligent! She definitely shows a passion for her..." view more »

Stephanie Massimo

Department: Journalism
Recent Rating: "i cant believe you left you were soo awseomly cool" view more »

Shawn Miller

Department: English
Recent Rating: "He's awesome and hes cute <3 " view more »

Linda Carrizzo

Department: Communications
Recent Rating: "The best teacher I have ever had, and always will be the greatest. Thank you Miss. Carrizzo for..." view more »

Shawn Henderson

Department: Visual Arts
Recent Rating: "she is one of the nicest and kindest teachers ive had. but shes not a visual teacher anymore...." view more »

Tammy Locke Ross

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Ms Ross is one of my favorite teachers. She makes us work hard but she cares about how I am..." view more »

Tom Felt

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Mr. Felt is a really good English teacher who makes his class interesting and informative. He's..." view more »

Lourdes Alonso

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "i honestly think she is a really terrible teacher and knows nothing. All she knows how to do is..." view more »

Terianne Amedee

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Ms.Amedee was one of my favorite teachers ever! To those who say she was hard on you, she was..." view more »

Tracy Smith

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Ms. Smith is a good teacher with a manageable class if you do the work. The tests aren't really..." view more »


Department: Visual Arts
Recent Rating: "I love painting in mrs. Lavoys class she is such a fun teacher, and I learn a lot." view more »

Dennis Yuzenas

Department: History
Recent Rating: "mr.y is my favorite teacher and coach i've ever had!!!" view more »

Holland Schiller

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "I never had Ms. Schiller, but i was one of her students when I went to the Kravis center for..." view more »

Amy Krick Frank

Department: English
Recent Rating: "She is amazing. Coming from LJ, Isaballa, Ariana, Jacob, and Riley. We all love her <3" view more »

George Ryan

Department: History
Recent Rating: "I had for my 1st period when i was in 7th grade. He's really fun and i love the class. Now i'm..." view more »


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "This school made me into the confident, understanding, and creative person I've always wanted to..." view more »


Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Mr. Taylor is an amazing person. His taste in music is impeccable and the way he teaches the..." view more »

Glenn Barefoot

Department: Fine Arts/English
Recent Rating: "i thought that mr.barefoot rocked!!! he was an awesome teacher! super funny!" view more »


Department: English
Recent Rating: "ms. myers is the best sub ever all you idiots who think her storys are boring can go eat a pig...." view more »

Artis Johnson

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: " MR.Johnson is the guy that I look up to everyday. He is my favorite teacher and I hope he is..." view more »

Daniel Swinson

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "Mr. Swinson is one of my favorite teachers. He really knows his stuff inside and out. He's such a..." view more »

Glenn Powell

2 ratings
Department: Communications
Recent Rating: "Mr. Powell quite literally was one of the people who saved my life in middle school. His..." view more »


Department: French
Recent Rating: "Ms.Juruwan is my absolute favorite teacher at woodlands. She was my spanish teacher nd wasa..." view more »

Joanne Friedel

Department: Librarian
Recent Rating: "Ur the best I'm going to miss you when I leave lov Julia ur ultamet fan!" view more »

D Fiore

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "She's great, like awesome. One of my fav history tecahers. but when someone doesnt do the..." view more »

Richard Valentine

Department: Performing Arts
Recent Rating: "Mr.v is the best teacher you will ever have he's funny and laid back with a great spence of..." view more »

Stephanie Chesler

Department: Photography
Recent Rating: "One of the best teachers ever, luv her <3 I felt kinda bad though cuz it seemed other people took..." view more »


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "He was really nice and fun, and the tests/homework were overall easy. but wats up with the..." view more »

Cleve Maloon

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Mr. Maloon is the BEST band teacher in the world! He's taught me all I know." view more »

Kate De Barros

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "I LOVE MSDEBARROS" view more »

Jessica Samos

Department: Communications
Recent Rating: "She is awesome. I had her for Intro to Journalism in 6th grade. " view more »

Regina Spennacchio

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "I LOVED MS SPENNACCHIO SO MUCH! she was my favorite teacher and she was so amazing, she made..." view more »

Natalie Sharp

Department: Computer Science
Recent Rating: "It's fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i actually get an A in this class. I was..." view more »

Connie Drosakis

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "she is the best vocal teacher ever :):):):):):):):)" view more »

David Cantor

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "Mr. Cantor is really a good teacher. He knows his stuff very well but isnt that good at teaching..." view more »


Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "hahahahaha he is the best language arts teacher I had at Bak :) He's got all these funny catch..." view more »

Paula Hough

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "She was really fun and I loved her :D And she still remembers my name after 2 1/2 years c:" view more »

Brenda Kababe

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Ms. Kababe isn't at Bak anymore but she was ok she could be strict and gave us a TON of pointless..." view more »

June Hunt Campbell

Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Hunt is such a great teacher, she knows so much, and is soo funny, I am always learning..." view more »

Robyn Klein

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She doesn't teach at Bak anymore and I miss her :(" view more »


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She was really nice and I don't know why everyone didn't like her..." view more »

Wendy Porter

Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "mrs. porter is the best!! to that person who said that you hate her, there is something wrong..." view more »

Errol Putigna

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Mr. P was a great spanish teacher. He really made it easier and more understandable and gave us..." view more »

Michelle Desilva

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "Ms.DeSilva couldn't be better! I love how she teaches everything so clearly and how the test are..." view more »