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Bart Stephen

Chemistry Teacher at Catonsville High School
3.3 out of 5
3.3 Overall Rating
Based on 5 Ratings

05/24/13 - Mr Stephen is probably legitimately a genius. Even from when you first meet him you can tell that he knows what he's talking about. However when you ask him questions sometimes he ends up confusing you even more because he is so smart. A very cool guy, jokes around but isn't all annoying about it, but the final sucks, everyone fails it, and few people get higher than a C or D. Show More Show Less

Easiness 4.0
Helpfulness 4.0
Clarity 2.0
Knowledge 5.0
3.7 Overall Rating

07/16/11 - Hes a very intelligent guy, but an awful teacher. He found ways to make the simplest topics very difficult. About 90% of our GT class finished not understanding chemistry and failed the final Show More Show Less

Easiness 4.0
Helpfulness 3.0
Clarity 1.0
Knowledge 5.0
3.0 Overall Rating

05/06/09 - this guy is so funny hahah Show More Show Less

Easiness 5.0
Helpfulness 5.0
Clarity 5.0
5.0 Overall Rating

10/14/07 - Mr stephen is awesome. hes mad goofy but hes a really good teacher. he makes sure everyone understands everything thats going on. i have him now, and i love that class. its too much fun Show More Show Less

Easiness 2.0
Helpfulness 5.0
Clarity 4.0
4.5 Overall Rating

01/25/07 - THE worst teacher i have ever had, i literally did not learn a think the whole semester...he thinks he's funny but he's just annoying Show More Show Less

Easiness 2.0
Helpfulness 1.0
Clarity 1.0
1.0 Overall Rating

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