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Blessed Sacrament School

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Karen Hitpas

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Great teacher she helped me get up to my grade level since I was very behind coming from..." view more »

Mrs Librarian

Department: Librarian
Recent Rating: "The nicest and best teacher at the school. Rather "teacher"" view more »

Susan Grady

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "I had the honor of having Susan Grady for my 7th and 8th grade teacher. I really don't know where..." view more »

Mary Nord

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "My favorite teacher at Blessed Sacrament. Just do your homework and there are no problems." view more »

Kitty Maas

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Not very nice to anyone that I can remember. Didn't seem to care about us, only about the music" view more »

Mrs Kennedy

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Can be both mean and nice, thus, the average rating." view more »

Holly Troudout

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "very nice but booooring" view more »

Mrs Chote

Department: History
Recent Rating: "mrs. chote is a great teacher i absolutely loved her!" view more »

Mrs Gooz

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "good when in a good mood" view more »

Mrs Spengler

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Loved her. Smart." view more »

Mary Ann Slater

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "The worst teacher, does everything by the book, school was ok until she got there." view more »

Theresa Sealey

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "living in the thirty's "toot every one toot, why vis every one laughing?"" view more »

Mrs. Nodolf

Department: Grade K
Recent Rating: "the exact opposite of mrs. drew who was the best teacher ever" view more »