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Physical Education Teacher at Stewartsville School
1.3 out of 5
1.3 Overall Rating
Based on 3 Ratings

06/11/05 - wow try getting a new job Show More Show Less

Easiness 3.0
Helpfulness 2.0
Clarity 1.0
1.5 Overall Rating

02/01/05 - Mr. Bowman was always a pretty cool, fair guy. He wouldn't put up with the nonsense as much as my classmates and I would have liked, but I guess that's a good thing. Show More Show Less

Easiness 4.0
Helpfulness 4.0
Clarity 4.0
4.0 Overall Rating

11/06/03 - gym teachers are the best!! baseball was fun and we like this guy alot Show More Show Less

Easiness 5.0
Helpfulness 4.0
Clarity 3.0
3.5 Overall Rating

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