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Branch Brook Elementary School

Based on 31 Teachers and 119 Ratings
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15 Ridgely Rd
Showing 31 Teachers from Branch Brook Elementary School

Daniel Marino

Department: Grade K
Recent Rating: "my daughter just loved her, because of her she just loves learning" view more »

Ms. Horeis

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "she was a really cool teacher and i miss having her. i memorized all my states and capitals from..." view more »

Mrs Dunleavy

Department: Grade 5
Recent Rating: "As I now enter high school, I finally found the time to look back on my time at BBE at write a..." view more »


Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Mr. Wilkey is a very great teacher and a very nice person. He is extremely competent and..." view more »

Mr Collaco

Department: Grade 4
Recent Rating: "Mr. Collaco was the best teacher ever! He taught so much and he is just so devoted to his job. I..." view more »

Lori Williams

Department: Grade 1
Recent Rating: "I loved her! I had her for a short time because she had some issues that year, but for the time I..." view more »

Kathy Smerechniak

Department: Grade 1
Recent Rating: "The BEST!!!!!" view more »

Lisamarie Hausch

Department: Grade 3
Recent Rating: "ommmmg ! Mrs.Hausch waas my favortiee teacher(: shes so short<3 if i could go back to 3rd gradee..." view more »

William Schroeder

Department: Grade 4
Recent Rating: "I had him the first year he taught and it was one of the most fun years I had at BBE. I'm not..." view more »

Ireen Westrack

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "LOve Mrs Westrack, She gave alot of help to my son in the third grade. She really is there for..." view more »

George Alamia

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "best gym teacher ever!!!!!!! i will never forget him he cared about us and really made sports..." view more »

Janet Gulezian

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "ur not here at branch brook but ull always be in my kidny" view more »

Barbara Dilorenzo

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "I had her in Kindergarden, so I can't really judge her very well, but I remember being very fond..." view more »

Annamarie Ferragamo

Department: Grade 3
Recent Rating: "I am in high school now and made sure I went back this year to visit her......she was a great..." view more »

Mrs. Kazarian

Department: Grade 4
Recent Rating: "Mrs Kazarian is the BESSSTTT teacher ever. I am currently in the 9th grade and she is the best..." view more »

Rosemarie Solomon

Department: Grade 4
Recent Rating: "awesome teacher, too bad she retired, cant go back to see her anymore" view more »


Department: Grade 5
Recent Rating: "i miss all u at tackan claire comitello" view more »

Maureen Darress

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "She is really cool, funny and the best teacher in Branch Brook!" view more »

Gilda Burack

Department: Grade 2
Recent Rating: "I had her the last year before she retired. She was so nice! She came to our graduation even..." view more »

Rose Milazzo

Department: Visual Arts
Recent Rating: "we miss u but i like miss potter beter" view more »

Tara Ferguson

Department: Grade 2
Recent Rating: "She was very nice. Although, the year was slow and boring." view more »

Mrs. D'addario

Department: Grade 1
Recent Rating: "She is soo nice! I do student council with her and we make very cool things" view more »

Susan Ciafone

Department: Band
Recent Rating: "I disliked her very much, sorry. She wasn't a very good teacher, and was always yelling at us. ..." view more »

Danielle Potter

Department: Fine Arts
Recent Rating: "lighten up! It's art for pete sake! And look for the real trouble maker next time. Don't blame it..." view more »

Darlene Peele

Department: Grade 3


Department: Grade 1
Recent Rating: "Does not seem very knowledgeable about education or children in general. Seems to like the girls..." view more »

Carol Margraph

Department: Grade 2
Recent Rating: "sooo we miss u u were meam and sometimes nice but u tought me alot" view more »

Mary Ellen Heer

Department: Nursing
Recent Rating: "why do parents like u ur okay but i changed schools and tackan nurse pat rocks my socks" view more »

Miss Davis

Department: Grade 3