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Brock University

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Jennifer Berardi

Department: Political Science
Recent Rating: "She was awesome and very knowledgable lecturer! Thanks Jen for the funny jokes and lessions." view more »

Mary Lovering White

Department: Education
Recent Rating: "Great course - very interesting professor. Beautiful too" view more »

Linda Steer

Department: Fine Arts
Recent Rating: "Awesome professor!" view more »

David Kamatovic

Department: Education
Recent Rating: "dayummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" view more »

Athena Colman

Department: Philosophy
Recent Rating: "Prof. Colman has inspired me to pursue Philosophy on a full-time basis. She has taught me the..." view more »

Patrick Ounlert

Department: Accounting
Recent Rating: "He is very knowledgeable himself, however when it comes to teaching, I think he does not enjoy much!" view more »

Dot Miners

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "was a cool teacher, you have to get all of her notes for ease of doing the webworks :)" view more »

Marilyn Cottrell

Department: Economics
Recent Rating: "shes different.." view more »

Dan Crow

Department: Political Science
Recent Rating: "He knows his stuff, but a little dry. Happy to help students that are making efforts to succeed..." view more »

Tami Friedman

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Professor Friedman is extremely dry during lecture. While the content may potentially be..." view more »

Kojo Saffu

Department: Business
Recent Rating: "brutal professor. did not teach from the $190 text book he forced me to buy and therefore the..." view more »

Fiona Hunter

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "Just read the textbook, this lady puts you to sleep even faster..." view more »

Harry Peery

Department: Biology

Jaclyn Rea

Department: English

Frances Owen

Department: Education

Diane Miller

Department: Business

Edward Sternin

Department: Physics

Dave Telfer

Department: Recreation

Beate Wolf

Department: Languages

Erik Liddell

Department: Humanities

Ed Aoki

Department: Fine Arts

Thomas Barnes

Department: Finance

Eric Bigrigg

Department: Education

Keri Cronin

Department: Visual Arts

Donald Cyr

Department: Accounting

Martin Danahay

Department: English

Gail Frost

Department: Physical Ed

Michael Kompf

Department: Education

Tommy Wall

Department: Accounting

Deborah Zinni

Department: Business

Sarah Parker

Department: Classics

Gyllian Raby

Department: Fine Arts