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California State University Los Angeles

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Marianne James

Department: Accounting
Recent Rating: "Best Accounting teacher ever. Very helpful. " view more »

Richard Lau

Department: Accounting
Recent Rating: "really smart and helpful" view more »

Alex Ballan

Department: Social Work
Recent Rating: "As a student at CSUF's MSW program, I would say Professor Ballan was the best teacher I had in..." view more »

Farshad Kheiri

1 rating
Department: Engineering
Recent Rating: "He is a fair and easy Professor and you can improve your grade a lot by attending his class." view more »

Beryl Bellman

Department: Communication Studies
Recent Rating: "A very good teacher with a wealth of knowledge about his subject areas. He introduces students..." view more »

Rakel Delevi

Department: Child Development
Recent Rating: "She grabs your immediate attention with her charisma and high pitched voice. Easy to open up to..." view more »

Tom Alvarez

Department: History
Recent Rating: "By far, the best history teacher I have EVER had. Will dance and act out some scenes just to help..." view more »

Phil Poulos

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Dr. Phil is very kind, funny and a great teacher. The problem I had is that...I felt like failing..." view more »

Michael Siler

Department: Political Science
Recent Rating: "smart, sweet guy with the best of intentions; he taught me how to write a true research paper at..." view more »

Artin Davidian

Department: Engineering
Recent Rating: "Professor Davidian is knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and very caring. He advises very..." view more »

Andrew Montana

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Pretty serious professor but you learn a lot about writing." view more »

Charles Leinenweber

Department: Sociology
Recent Rating: "Very interesting individual, exams are long and all multiple choice. Personal examples used in..." view more »

Samuel Landsberger

Department: Engineering
Recent Rating: "Amazing Professor :-) One of the best ones i ve ever had!" view more »

Marilyn Elkins

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Very kind teacher. She is always wiling to help, even though she can be a tough grader." view more »

Yasmine Balkis

1 rating
Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "I took math 90 last year and math 104 B with her Fall 2014 . She is a great professor! She..." view more »

Nandakumar Ganesan

Department: Information Systems

Matthew Aivazian

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "He's cool but his tests are literally like 6 questions. Missed two and got a C" view more »

Ida Zaghi

Department: Law
Recent Rating: "She really cares about her students and makes sure everyone understands all the concepts before..." view more »

Irving Kett

Department: Engineering
Recent Rating: "Non-White students submitting their lab reports a week late used to have 1 letter grade downed..." view more »

Armik Khachatourian

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "Whenever he lectures, it is incomprehensible. Just study on your own and make sure to keep up..." view more »

James Sera

Department: Anthropology
Recent Rating: "His exams have NOTHING to do with his lectures and are completely impossible to study for. Run away!" view more »

Marjan Asgari

Department: Art
Recent Rating: "She's a really bad teacher and her tests are extremely hard and unfair. The lectures she gives..." view more »

Mayra Torres

Department: University Studies
Recent Rating: "If there's another teacher, take the other teacher. Trust me, this class is the worse." view more »

Eric Schantz

Department: History
Recent Rating: "If this guy is a social studies teacher and if he's the one that taught the SAT class in Albany,..." view more »

Lamont Yeakey

Department: History

Bruce Atta

Department: Philosophy

Ronald Houts

Department: Philosophy

Judy Olson

Department: English

Susan Saul

Department: Anthropology

Phillip Thomas

Department: Business

Asad Yavari

Department: Accounting

Gordon Bagot

Department: Management

John Orta

Department: Nursing

Ronald Lemos

Department: Business

John Plouffe

Department: Accounting