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Centreville High School

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6001 Union Mill Rd
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Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Ms Neer may seem tough on the surface, but once you get to know her she has a really good sense..." view more »

Tyler Andersen

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "He's realllllllllly mean b/c he called me a EGG_NOG (black) and said to stop talking. He later..." view more »


Department: English
Recent Rating: "best teacher ever" view more »

Amanda Dorr

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "her and mrs branch are awesome team teachers they make class fun and enjoyable for everyone in..." view more »

Chris Padget

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Padge is the best" view more »

Tony Chris

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Mr. Chirst best history teacher , i took regular but if u take AP's , work will always be a..." view more »

Jimmy Linza

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Really cared for his students." view more »

Marina Brandon

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "one of the best teachers Centreville has to offer. She is nice and knows what she is doing.........." view more »

Margot Brown

Department: English
Recent Rating: "She is the best English teacher for sophomore honors English. She doesn't have the easiest class,..." view more »

Amy Nave

Department: English
Recent Rating: "My experience with Mrs.Nave was amazin. she helped a lot of time when i needed her help, also she..." view more »

Gary Baird

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "I had him for AP Economics and he's truly an excellent teacher. He's funny, and is extremely good..." view more »

Jared Williams

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Jed has stared at me because of my B cup TON TON...it's really an awkward thing to notice him..." view more »

Holly Patrick

Department: Business
Recent Rating: "She is a very nice teacher, just do the assighments and turn them in thats it. Most of the time..." view more »


Department: English
Recent Rating: "she's bae and i love her okay" view more »

Christina Griel

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Ms. Griel is a really nice teacher and works very hard to help all of her students. While some of..." view more »

Karen Saunders

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "She loves teaching and she's very knowledgeable. If you study you will do well on tests. One of..." view more »

Kris Kilinger

Department: Fine Arts
Recent Rating: "best. teacher. ever. really chill, always helpful, really nice, just a great teacher all around" view more »

Catherine Branch

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Love her!!! She is sweet and really cares. She is really understanding and always tries to help...." view more »

Ryan Richardson

14 ratings
Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "The man. Miss him a ton." view more »

Jason Garrison

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "why did he have to leave... Fehr...................." view more »

Heather Beckmann

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Beckmann was a good teacher. I finished AP World History with an A and received a 4 on the..." view more »

Mark Rogers

Department: Performing Arts
Recent Rating: "He has his students' best interests at heart (most of thte time), but he favirs many students..." view more »

Jackie Kuntz

Department: History
Recent Rating: "She is amazing! She's Very helpful and sweet! Just do your work on time and try in her class. And..." view more »


Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Mr Helm is the best professor I've ever had in my life. He is extremely tough, but he teaches you..." view more »

Judith Tate

Department: English
Recent Rating: "I had Mrs. Tate years ago and she was a wonderful teacher. To this day I still talk about my..." view more »

Bryan Buser

Department: Business
Recent Rating: "Mr. Buser is definitely the best teacher at CVHS! He always makes himself available to anyone..." view more »


Department: English
Recent Rating: "shes fair, but very helpful and cares about her students. one of the best in the english..." view more »

Eric Post

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "the best math teacher at CVHS he can really relate to the students extremely knowledgeable and..." view more »

Mary Lewis

Department: Computer Science
Recent Rating: "MRS.LEWIS IS AMAZING!!" view more »

Jimmy Sanabria

Department: Administration
Recent Rating: "He is great and always smiling!" view more »

Colleen Robson

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Best Algebra teacher. I wouldn't have as great math grades as Ido know without her help in..." view more »

A Grace

Department: English
Recent Rating: "I'm in her advanced comp class this year, and I absolutely ADORE her (though she's Mrs. Hughes..." view more »

Kari Sprecher

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Somehow Mrs. Sprecher managed to keep everyone in line, focused and working hard while being..." view more »


Department: English
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Craig is one of the best teachers I've ever had. She has a really easy class, hardly any..." view more »

Bill Burke

Department: Performing Arts
Recent Rating: "Mr Burke is the best Teacher I've had in school, very smart and an overall just cool dude, he can..." view more »

Heidi Sieg

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "She's a good teacher. Her class is challenging sometimes but usually pretty fun." view more »

Jessica Wallace

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "I have Mrs. Wallace for AP Stat and I love her. She knows her stuff and prepares great notes. Her..." view more »

Susan Reese

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "She knows what she's talking about, I don't understand the material and she piles a lot on a..." view more »

Mc Laren

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "he is an awesome teacher. but don't get him angry, you won't like it when he's angry. just..." view more »


Department: Chemistry
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Elhady is great! She's a really easy teacher, hardly any homework, and she even lets you do..." view more »

Jonathan Rutz

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "Probably the best teacher you can ever have. I can definitely say that he is the most chill..." view more »


Department: Accounting
Recent Rating: "Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. You will learn a lot from Mrs.Rigby. She's the best math..." view more »

Lynne Babcock

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "I was definitely scared of Mrs. Babcock at the beginning of the year. She can be strict, but just..." view more »


Department: History
Recent Rating: "Mr. O'Rourke purposefully gives inaccurate, disproven facts about American History and he doesn't..." view more »

Laura Faga

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "True about what someone said earlier, she doesn't show that she has favorites so it makes the..." view more »


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "WAYYYY TOO MUCH WORK FOR A REGULAR CLASS, I got more work than my friends taking AP." view more »


Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "She's such a chill teacher" view more »

Terese Robichaud

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "If you stay after you won't fail " view more »


Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Definitely cares about her job and her students but has some favorites. Can be rude to her..." view more »