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Clute Intermediate School

Based on 14 Teachers and 14 Ratings
P O Drawer Z,Freeport, Tx 77541, Freeport, Texas 77541
Showing 14 Teachers from Clute Intermediate School

Mary Anderson

3 ratings
Department: Fine Arts
Recent Rating: "she was are really good teacher and i liked her a lot. when i had art class i was glad to be..." view more »

Kenzie Bond

3 ratings
Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Wonderful Science Teacher tm" view more »

M Tepeara

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Great teacher, Great Class, very fair" view more »

A Standlee

Department: History
Recent Rating: "EXCELLENT TEACHER" view more »

S Deleon

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Not friendly, does not teach to the students" view more »

Linda Smith

1 rating
Department: History
Recent Rating: "Favors some students over others, makes it known, not a fair teacher" view more »

Melissa Torres

1 rating
Department: Performing Arts
Recent Rating: "Not a very good teacher - didn't really teach anything" view more »

B Graham

Department: Music

R Pendleton

Department: English
Recent Rating: "perfers some students over others, does not grade fair, makes up grades, too--makes up stories..." view more »

L Quock

Department: Math

S Donehue

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "BAD TEACHER, Mean, will not help, overreacts," view more »

S Crosby

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Nice, but we never did anything-she just makes up grades" view more »

C Kent

Department: Math