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College Of The Sequoias

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Vincent Cervantes

Department: Fine Arts
Recent Rating: "Coolest teacher ever! So passionate about art. Taught me so much. " view more »

Josh Muller

Department: Psychology
Recent Rating: "This instructor made my twice about which major I should pursue, he made psychology such an..." view more »

Vanessa Buldo

Department: Communication
Recent Rating: "Buldo is a very personable instructor. She is helpful and very informative. I would recomend her..." view more »

Nicole Batenhorst

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Miss B class is by far my favorite class, she goes over each chapter and we do a lot of review..." view more »

Becky Griffith

Recent Rating: "She is a great teacher for child 39. Would recommend her. " view more »

Linda Delrio

Department: Psychology
Recent Rating: "Her Class Is Always Interesting And She Relates To Students In A Way Where The Lesson Is Easy To..." view more »

David Bird

Department: Chemistry
Recent Rating: "Chem 253: He was a very good instructor, he assigned HW every class day but not much. He didn't..." view more »

Jane Thomas

Department: English
Recent Rating: "She is an amazing teacher and very passionate about English. She will have you write A LOT! but..." view more »

Janet Sheldon

Department: English
Recent Rating: "when i was in her class in was like pulling teeth for me. She was nice when she want to be and..." view more »

Edgar Sense

Department: English
Recent Rating: "this professor is very confusing, and difficult" view more »

Arturo Figueroa

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "Not a good teacher. He needs to reevaluate how to make a fair judgement and reconsider whether..." view more »

Christian Anderson

Department: Economics
Recent Rating: "Does not directly answer questions directly and uses a phase to respond to questions "you know..." view more »

Ray Loyd

Department: Graphic Arts

Lee Mc Donald

Department: Business

Kent Owen

Department: Government

Jill Peck

Department: English

Kim Kamerin

Department: Music

George Fry

Department: Philosophy

Mike Gheman

Department: Psychology

Lisa Greer

Department: Social Work

Roger Holmes

Department: Languages

Judy House

Department: Journalism

Landon Spencer

Department: English

Bobby Kamansky

Department: Biology

James Ziessler

Department: Music

Jane Allen

Department: Anthropology

Ladonna Droney

Department: Nursing

Amy Dwelle

Department: Sociology

Robert Ramirez

Department: English

Karen Roberts

Department: Nursing

Emily Tallman

Department: English