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Florida Atlantic University

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Shirmala Vishwasrao

Department: Economics
Recent Rating: "This teacher made the class very interesting. She was very helpful and seem to really enjoy..." view more »

Meredith Mountford

Department: Education
Recent Rating: "Funny and helpful. Knows her stuff! Seems to really care about students." view more »

Lina Chiappone

Department: Education
Recent Rating: "Dr. Chiappone is an excellent teacher. She is very knowledgeable in her field and will give you..." view more »

Nurgun Erdol

Department: Engineering
Recent Rating: "Really nice person. Really knows her stuff. She is very eager to help both in the classroom and..." view more »

Anne Bosworth

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Explain the classroom material very clear. If you use the tools given by the proffesor in..." view more »

Warren H. Kelly

Department: English
Recent Rating: "This professor is a class act. Very knowledgable and kind and caring about his students. He is..." view more »

Rob Leivers

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Having Rob as a teacher was great, he was relaxed but at the same time a great teacher. you have..." view more »

Jared Lemole

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Great professor, helped tremendously. " view more »

Kira Frederick

Department: English
Recent Rating: "This teacher is hilarious and was always helpful when I had a question. " view more »

Nuria Godon

Department: Foreign Languages
Recent Rating: "Amazing Professor, She is very confident and knows a lot. " view more »

Jacob Skelton

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Amazing teacher, you will enjoy him." view more »

Gary S. Gaffney

Department: Law
Recent Rating: "DR. Gaffney is hte best professor at FAU. Great lecturer and teacher, very helpful. Highly..." view more »

Michael Marzelli

Department: Literature
Recent Rating: "Super chill, and an awesome instructor. Would totally take a class taught buy him again. Highly..." view more »

Angelica Hotiu

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "She explains everything very clearly gives plenty of examples. Excellent professor. She care..." view more »

Phyllis Pacilli

Department: Education
Recent Rating: "super duper great!!!!!!" view more »

Gabrielle Gutting

1 rating
Department: English
Recent Rating: "Liked her lectures; be sure to read all assignments and to read texts and you'll do fine" view more »

Nicholas Bergan

Department: Economics
Recent Rating: "Great Professor. Works from PowerPoint presentations. Take notes on what he covers. ..." view more »

William Brooks

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "Dr. Brooks knows his stuff about biology, but he has many ridiculous classroom rules that he..." view more »

Elliot Ser

Department: Management
Recent Rating: "Doesn't like to explain lessons. " view more »

Zinat Alam

Department: Business
Recent Rating: "Tough teacher rose someone else tough grader " view more »

Ariel Viale

Department: Finance
Recent Rating: "Hard to understand, messy. Hard to understand, messy. " view more »

Pradeep Korgaonkar

Department: Marketing
Recent Rating: "This professor likes to hear himself talk more than anything. Tests do not relate to lectures. ..." view more »

Djordje Bulj

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "I felt this teacher was very difficult to understand. He was not very helpful when asked..." view more »

Philip Pina

Department: Mathematics

Deborah Raines

1 rating
Department: Nursing
Recent Rating: "Pain in the rear" view more »

Jack Wiesner

Department: Economics
Recent Rating: "Run, do not take this professor's class. He is hard, he lectures AT YOU! He plays favorites,..." view more »

Badara Taal

Department: Business

Nora Erro Peralta

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Worst teacher ever. Grades according to how she feels about you. Doesn't teach a thing. Extremely..." view more »

Korey Sorge

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "If there is a symmetry in science communicators this guy would be the anti-Carl Sagan. His..." view more »

Alisa Holmes

Department: Accounting

Kay Means

Department: Accounting

Tony Kang

Department: Accounting

Julia Higgs

Department: Accounting

Alan Bergman

Department: Accounting

Lizhong Hao

Department: Accounting

Claerce Nash

Department: Accounting

Ali Almutari

Department: Accounting

Yezen Kannan

Department: Accounting