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Fonda Fultonville Middle School

Based on 42 Teachers and 181 Ratings
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112 Old Johnstown Rd
Showing 42 Teachers from Fonda Fultonville Middle School

Michelle Sanges

Department: English
Recent Rating: "I love her!" view more »

Ann Cassidy

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Miss Cassidy is so cool her initials are A.C.!!!" view more »

Amy Mulyca

Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "I love to help you everyday because you have helped me so much in the past. Thanks!!!" view more »

Greg Kowalzyk

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "I love you K-buddy! GET ME MY LATTE!!!! ~..." view more »

Meg Hoffman

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "lol just want you at five stars lol" view more »

Adam Heroth

Department: Health
Recent Rating: "the best " view more »

Lynn Trevett

Department: English
Recent Rating: ""good times" lol" view more »

Michael Bushey

Department: Resource
Recent Rating: "Fun teacher. He is very nice. we talked alot bout hunting and fishing." view more »

Deborah Oertel

Department: Resource

Sherri Spraker

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "You are a great teacher, youy make spanish so easy!!!! Hopefully i will be in your class next year!!" view more »

Joe Emanuele

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "He was by far my least favorite teacher from Fonda. (Now a Junior) I will never forget how much..." view more »

Andrea Mancini

Department: Resource

Suzanne Hall

Department: Administration
Recent Rating: "- need to STOP the whole favorites thing -" view more »

Lorraine Thomas

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "You were always boring" view more »

Ashlee Palandro

Department: English
Recent Rating: "u can bee meen sometomes but vather than that your pretty cool" view more »

Chris Sandel

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "awesome teacher,cool,smart from JM" view more »

Shane Thompson

Department: Writing
Recent Rating: "i loved you in 5th and 6th grade. i hope you stay at fonda forever" view more »

George Berberich

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "I <3 him!!! He is deff. the best teacher I have ever had. I'm going to miss him so much next..." view more »

Kari Callery

Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "misss callery! yer awesomeeeeeeee!:-)haha student council is awesome, thanks fer being a great..." view more »

Laura Hayes Bowles

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "i think she funny but sarcastic" view more »

Jon Thompson

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "i think se is awsome she makes evrybody laugh :-)" view more »

Theresa Heacock

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "umm i dont like you much" view more »

Deb Morin

Department: Administration
Recent Rating: "You are an ok person. i think that you do this for your daughter, NOT because you like it.. you..." view more »

Steve Vunk

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "get out of my hallway =P =D" view more »

John Broderick

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "If u could learn to tell better jokes I would rate u as 1 of the best" view more »

Theresa Cechnicki

Department: Resource
Recent Rating: "could be ALOT nicer to us" view more »

Diana Smolenski

Department: Visual Arts
Recent Rating: "shes really nice if ou listen to her, shes my fav" view more »

Martha Stanton

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "i hate you " view more »

Elizabeth Donovan

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "shes ignorant to teachers who are being sexist and never listens to kids just takes sides with..." view more »

Deborah Silvernail

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "I think tht shes a wounderful teacher and really helps kids out when needed and thts important..." view more »

Chad Lenig

Department: Band
Recent Rating: "Mr. Lenig if only all the other student's realized how much time and effort you put in behind the..." view more »

Feyga Alpert

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Ms. Alpert is soooo cool. She is really nice and always helps when I need it. French rox!" view more »

Mary Sweet

Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "loved your class!!" view more »


Department: Grade 6
Recent Rating: "Mrs.Kurtz is an ok of a teacher but she is still mean." view more »

Jaime Sajeski

Department: Science

Jennifer Smith

Department: Math

Eileen Kurtz

1 rating
Department: Science
Recent Rating: "What did you do to my child? Almost every day she came home crying." view more »

Elizabeth Spraker

2 ratings
Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Worst teacher ever, i hated her so much!!!" view more »

Nancy Deitch

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "mrs.deitch is very mean and likes to yell ALOT. Not many kids like her and she is very unclear" view more »

Sandy Avery

Department: Nursing