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Grace Academy

Based on 15 Teachers and 10 Ratings
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Gabby Smith

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "im soo cool" view more »

Victoria Oliver

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "shes awsome" view more »

Mr.Fluff Kins

Department: Band
Recent Rating: "He is verry fluffy" view more »

Bob George

Department: Accounting

Mrs. Koontz

Department: Math

Gabby Durr

Department: Photography
Recent Rating: "Sooooooo COOL" view more »

Mr Freckle

Department: Religion

Matt Koontz

Department: Nursing

Alex Rietmann

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "THE BEST TEACHER EVER!!!" view more »

Mrs. Peterson

Department: English

Anna Jones

Department: Librarian

Mrs. Knight

Department: Health
Recent Rating: "I won't denegrate Mrs. Knight any more than the rating already does. I know of several students..." view more »

Mr. Horvat

Department: History