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Granada Hills Charter High School

Based on 279 Teachers and 2,859 Ratings
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10535 Zelzah Ave.
Showing 279 Teachers from Granada Hills Charter High School

Mea Aparicio

Department: Counselor
Recent Rating: "Best Councelor ever and really helpful, she'll do anything for her students who always coe first..." view more »

Gila Sanford

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "He is an amazing PE teacher that I haven't met yet lol" view more »

Carla Bacon

Department: History
Recent Rating: "SHE WAS THE BEST." view more »

J Severtson

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "best teacher" view more »

Tim Frost

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Really funny, gotta love Frost :)" view more »

Ms Olczak

Department: Counselor
Recent Rating: "She's a really great person and counselor always there to help" view more »

Veronique Fastre Blavier

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "One of my favorite teachers ever!! She's really nice and fun and I learned a lot in her class." view more »

David Krescent

Department: Multiple Subjects
Recent Rating: "Honestly, the nicest person I've ever met." view more »

Mr. Severston

Department: Business
Recent Rating: "He is truly one of the best teachers anyone can ever ask for. He is easy going, fun to talk to..." view more »

Maggie Chen

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Ms. Chen is the most passionate and reasonable teacher at GHCHS. She is one of those few teachers..." view more »

Miguel Ramon

Department: English

Chelsi Bisbey

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Amazing (GHI English) teacher! Very interesting subject. One of the few times I actually enjoyed..." view more »

Kyle Tacsik

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Kyle Tacsik.......the real nigguh." view more »

Mr. Overton

21 ratings
Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Such a great teacher. It is easy to say that he is the best math teacher in Granada. He is smart,..." view more »

Karina Barbosa

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Well she is nice but gives too much work and homework.Overall I hate her" view more »

Colin Strand

Department: Psychology
Recent Rating: "he is a the greatest geography teacher in the world .. extremely understanding and has confident..." view more »

Sarah White

Department: Performing Arts
Recent Rating: "Does anyone else think she looks like Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation?" view more »


Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "CP Geography, super easy class, doesn't give much homework (but still maybe like once a week)...." view more »


Department: History
Recent Rating: "The Asianest looking man I've ever seen. But still, he is the Real OG." view more »


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "I loved her class, she has an attitude, but is a great teacher overall. I loved the books we read." view more »


Department: Computer Science
Recent Rating: "I have him for yearbook. Super chill and laidback. Helps whenever you need it. The EIC's run the..." view more »

Annet Kohen

Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "She is the most wonderful person ever oh my goodness. She is so caring and so devoted to her..." view more »

Micheal Jackson

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "what in the actual f***...." view more »

Annie Pankow

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "I learned so much in 1 year, lots of fun verbal activities and Madame Pankow is really nice one..." view more »

Angela Soto

Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "Very inspiring and clear lectures. She breaks down the most complicated ideas in the APUSH class..." view more »

Karl Cyr

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Awesome teacher on both personal and professional level. He's pretty wacky but cool at the same..." view more »

David Gumbiner

Department: Languages


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Quizzes/Tests are easy. Workload is alot but that is just the subject (AP World). Funny and super..." view more »

Rick Charls

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Best PE teacher ever! So fun and never wants to push people too hard. Takes suggestions very..." view more »

Charles Blanco

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "I love Mr. Blanco! I have him for Spanish 2 this year. Although the subject is waaaaaay too easy,..." view more »

Micke Mc Neeley

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Good Algebra I teacher who means well and wants everyone to succeed in class. Don't argue back or..." view more »

Stuart Fingeret

Department: Fine Arts
Recent Rating: "Phenomenal teacher! I always loved theatre and he convinced me that it is a career I can try for...." view more »


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Best teacher ever. I took ap zero period english just to have him again. Best way to pass his..." view more »

J Kim

Department: Chemistry
Recent Rating: "Honor's Chem: teaches really fast, so keep up. Would recommend tutoring with outside sources in..." view more »

Robert Allert

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "The best, life couldn't be better" view more »

Christie Robinson

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Robinson is one of the most amazing teachers I've ever had in Granada. She truly cares about..." view more »

Chris Ancheta

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "tends to get off track a little but helps in a great way... mentors struggling students and a..." view more »

Mathew Arnold

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Easy class, hardly gives homework. Everything is perfect except he has a monotone voice that you..." view more »


Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Overall, good teacher. Teaches and explains the powerpoints/lectures well. Works with students..." view more »

Mike Nuttal

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Mr. Nuttall is the homie like we had a 30 minute discussion in the middle of class on the most..." view more »

Reena Mistry

Department: English
Recent Rating: "she is supes kewll... XP. enjoy the class it great" view more »

Lisl Spangenberg

29 ratings
Department: English
Recent Rating: "I think she is a great teacher and is really passionate about English but she goes way too fast..." view more »

Jay Gravatt

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Very fun and amazing teacher. He gives the PERFECT amount of homework (none at all or only to..." view more »

Laura Bachrach

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "She is one of the most caring teachers I've ever had! She actually pays attention and is invested..." view more »

Eric Yauger

Department: History
Recent Rating: "I love Mr. Yauger honestly he is one of the greatest teachers I've ever had. He is suuuuuuuper..." view more »

Demetrion Bob

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "HE was a great teacher" view more »

Dale Alpert

Department: Counselor
Recent Rating: "The most helpful counselor in Granada." view more »

Craig Gruenburg

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Mr. G is the best. He really cares about his students. Even though he gets a little stressed out..." view more »

Lauren Kleinberg

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Ms. Kleinberg is by far my favorite teacher at Granada. She is very smart and is always willing..." view more »

Spencer Wolf

Department: English
Recent Rating: "I HAVEN'T HAD HIM YET. BUT HE IS SOOOOOO HOT! " view more »