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Heather Betourne

2.0 out of 5
2.0 Overall Rating
Based on 3 Ratings

05/17/13 - Very Kind teacher, sometimes dosn't know material too well, projects not too enjoyable, Class (as in subject) terrible, Had her for Study Skills Show More Show Less

Easiness 4.0
Helpfulness 2.0
Clarity 3.0
Knowledge 2.0
2.3 Overall Rating

06/13/12 - I had her for one semester and seriously got an F. I was able to raise it to a b because of her help and extra credit opportunities. She is actually a really good teacher and teaches well. She doesnt deserve to get rated horribly Show More Show Less

Easiness 2.0
Helpfulness 5.0
Clarity 4.0
Knowledge 5.0
4.7 Overall Rating

06/09/12 - Worst teacher I have ever had. She can't teach at all. She tries to explain things like once and then gives up and expects us to do a whole worksheet on scientific equations. Her projects are over the top pointless, I guess that's just 8th grade science altogether. Show More Show Less

Easiness 3.0
Helpfulness 1.0
Clarity 1.0
Knowledge 2.0
1.3 Overall Rating

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