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Kailua Intermediate School

Based on 38 Teachers and 186 Ratings
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145 South Kainalu Dr
Showing 38 Teachers from Kailua Intermediate School

Ms. Ringuette

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "She is probably the best teacher at Kailua Intermediate. very helpful and super nice. Don't take..." view more »

Leslie Kang

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Kang was a pretty good teacher she now works at Kamehameha but I liked how her labs were fun..." view more »

Lorna Reyes

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Reyes was easily the BEST and most effective teacher I ever ran into while in school...she..." view more »

Fran Hews

Department: Home Economics
Recent Rating: "Mrs.Hewes is a awesome teacher!" view more »

Alexandra Armstrong

Department: English
Recent Rating: "SHE IS AWESOME, i did porly on an essay and she gave me an extension i was so..." view more »


Department: Health
Recent Rating: "He made the class fun and we all learned useful information on how to live a healthy life." view more »

Kristi Kusunoki

Department: Band
Recent Rating: "she is da bombdiggity.com like she rocks and helps me play and makes sure we all have the right..." view more »

Robert Hughes

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Dr Hughes is a legend man!!! my favorite teacher ever. I sweear to god i have no idea why this..." view more »

Carey Fuller

Department: Education
Recent Rating: "only there for a paycheck! didnt "push" her students to thier fullest potential just pushed..." view more »

Lisa Mc Whorter

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "mrs mcwhorter is 30179 is like good teacher for that age. she is a good social studies teacher..." view more »

Pat Kent

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "He's only good if you have no problems. If you find yourself not knowing the math he just kicks..." view more »

Derek Esibill

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "He was a great science teacher! Can't wait 2 have him again in 8th grade:D" view more »

Roxine Iijima

Department: Health
Recent Rating: "Ms. Ijima was a good teacher and taught us knowlegable things." view more »

Faye Irvine

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "yeh at first shes all like ima cool guy but my fayget earned her name. oh yeh cool i get the..." view more »


Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Great teacher- learned so much from her. Keeps me active and aware of my fitness requirements. ..." view more »

George Poliahu

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "15 yrs later here I sit and memories of Mr P still pop into my head. He's a teacher that will..." view more »

Cyndee Jenness

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She's really helpful, and kind, I honestly wish there was more teachers like her around campus." view more »


Department: Librarian
Recent Rating: "Ms. Nullet rocks! sad she is not GT SS teacehr anymore :(" view more »

Elaine Sienkiewicz

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "She's a mean. She only is nice to her Action Period which I noticed cuz I'm in it. She criticizes..." view more »

Lisa Rodrigues

Department: English
Recent Rating: "She's really nice and people say they hate her, but I think she's great [:)" view more »


Department: Not Specified

Pauline Correa

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Not there anymore, she was okay. Didn't really help me much though." view more »

Mrs Nemoto

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Good teacher, I learned a lot." view more »


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Really good teacher. She is kind and gets us prepared for anything coming up." view more »

Faye Chase

Department: Librarian

Carmen Craig

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Craig is very... typical. She has her own way of seeing what this school could be about...." view more »

Mele Fiaui

Department: English

Jilda Hoffman

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Is the greatest teacher:)" view more »


Department: Science
Recent Rating: "The Bulldozer! He wasn't very good. He didn't know what he was doing, all over the place. Can't..." view more »

Raul Hayasaka

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "Cool guy" view more »

Debora Choy

Department: Drafting
Recent Rating: "she is my favorite teacher and she does a great job teaching art, now i know how to draw better :)" view more »

David Hirano

Department: Band

Sue Radell

Department: Business

Marilyn Kuamoo

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "She wasn't very good, I didn't like her teaching style. Just not good." view more »

R Donaldson

1 rating
Department: Science
Recent Rating: "he wasnt a bad teacher. just kinda old school. really old school. the big island trip was fun,..." view more »

Jennifer Davis

Department: English

Zeta Shearill

Department: English


Department: Not Specified