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Kim Decker

Chemistry Teacher at Dyersburg High School
3.3 out of 5
3.3 Overall Rating
Based on 2 Ratings

02/20/14 - Mrs. Decker is am awesome teacher! She always treated people fairly in my class, I was in her class three years in a row! I took Chemistry then Honors Chemistry just because I loved her as a teacher, and then was her student assistant my senior year just because I loved her as a person. She doesn't make the class easy but she, out of most high school teachers, actually prepared me for a college course. Also, I am a middle-class student and am not "high up" and she treated me fairly. Show More Show Less

Easiness 3.0
Helpfulness 5.0
Clarity 5.0
Knowledge 5.0
Textbook Use 4.0
Exam Difficulty 3.0
5.0 Overall Rating

08/23/11 - Kim D is a terrible teacher i absolutley hate her she caters to all the rich snobs. Me and my partner had probaly the most thought out and greatest project in the clas, She had no bad comments but non Show More Show Less

Easiness 2.0
Helpfulness 1.0
Clarity 1.0
Knowledge 2.0
1.3 Overall Rating

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