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Larry Luciano

Vice Principal Teacher in Shore Middle School
3.5 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings
3.5 Overall Rating
3.3 Easiness
4.0 Helpfulness
4.0 Clarity
5.0 Knowledge


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07/11/12 - I had Mr. Luciano for 9th grade English in the 90s. He assigned readings that are still meaningful to me more than ten years later and encouraged me to consider writing as a career. I am currently a professional writer and lecturer at a University. Mr. Luciano had a major impact on me and I will never forget the positive experience I had in his classroom.

Easiness 3.0
Helpfulness 5.0
Clarity 5.0
Knowledge 5.0
3.0 Overall Rating

01/08/11 - I hated him at Mentor High. He was always out to get people in trouble for stupid stuff, and then he would try to act friendly after he just gave you an ASR. haha. BD

Easiness 2.0
Helpfulness 2.0
Clarity 2.0
1.0 Overall Rating

04/11/04 - Mr. Luciano keeps the school structered at all times with strict policies and discipline, he is always the main authority and that makes him a good asst. princi

Easiness 5.0
Helpfulness 5.0
Clarity 5.0
2.5 Overall Rating

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