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Laurentian University Of Sudbury

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Daniel Cote

Department: Social Work
Recent Rating: "Professor Daniel Cote is an excellent professor who inspires his students to think 'critically'." view more »

Kalum Muray

Department: Nursing
Recent Rating: "As a teacher, Kalum is very serious. He is calm, gentle and patient. It is richly educated. He..." view more »

Meysar Zeinali

Department: Engineering
Recent Rating: "Great professor, really cares about the success of students." view more »

Janis Goldie

Department: Communication Studies
Recent Rating: "She is very very very cool" view more »

Daniel Campbell

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "Good Professor. Speaks very quietly. Uses very up to date research articles. Assignments are..." view more »

Parveen Nangia

Department: Sociology
Recent Rating: "he was ok, had him as an envision teacher. Didnt like his exams reviews, and i feel like we had..." view more »

Tom Markovich

1 rating
Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "He doesn't prepare you for the tests or exams. His assignments are much easier than the tests and..." view more »

Huguette Beaudoin

Department: Education
Recent Rating: "Elle n'etait pas super bonne! Il etait difficile de la comprendre et de completer ce qu'elle..." view more »

Mohammad Pakkar

1 rating
Recent Rating: "bad. never ever take anything with him" view more »

Melanie Marchand

Department: Law

Luis Radford

Department: Education

Marie Ng Au

Department: Music

Mi Soo Park

Department: Spanish

John Lundy

Department: Education

Gerard Courtin

Department: Biology

Robin Craig

Department: French

Devon Fornelli

Department: Music

Albert Gouge

Department: Psychology

Rizwan Haq

Department: Physics

Sue Heffernan

Department: Geography

Skage Hem

Department: Geology

Amelie Hien

Department: French

Yoko Hirota

Department: Music

Paula Humphrey

Department: History

Pedro Jugo

Department: Geology

Paul Dunn

Department: Engineering

Chantal Ehenga

Department: French

Mark Eys

Department: Kinesiology

Laura Green

Department: Nursing