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Mr Vancott

Band Teacher at Candlewood Middle School
3.0 out of 5
3.0 Overall Rating
Based on 3 Ratings

07/01/13 - As Mr. Van Cott would say himself, he was "fair enough." If you have no idea what I am talking about, you either didn't have Mr. Van Cott OR you are yet to have or meet him. Because, trust me, he says this so often that it is very hard to miss. It is actually getting annoying at this point. Show More Show Less

Easiness 3.0
Helpfulness 3.0
Clarity 3.0
Knowledge 3.0
2.1 Overall Rating

04/15/13 - He was OK, I mean I've seen worse. I don't particularly like him because I never feel like he is serious; he always has this sarcastic, irritating attitude, and so I had a very hard time having a serious conversation with him. In all honesty, I feel that the entire music department of Candlewood should be fired and replaced with a completely new set of teachers who are a little bit more respectful towards the students because we deserve better than these dopes that work here now. Show More Show Less

Easiness 3.0
Helpfulness 3.0
Clarity 2.0
Knowledge 3.0
1.9 Overall Rating

03/21/13 - Pretty chill. He's pretty funny. He gives too many detentions though to bad kids. If your a good student you won't have a problem. Show More Show Less

Easiness 3.0
Helpfulness 5.0
Clarity 5.0
Knowledge 5.0
2.9 Overall Rating

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