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New Canaan High School

Based on 162 Teachers and 1,429 Ratings
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11 Farm Road
Showing 162 Teachers from New Canaan High School

Karen Wiles

Department: Education
Recent Rating: "Incredible teacher, cares about her students and gets through to the like no one else can. It's a..." view more »

Darlene Pianka

Department: Administration
Recent Rating: "I always liked it when she said, "Listen, Buster......" So funny and so upbeat! Move over Pavia,..." view more »

Bill Tesbir

Department: Resource
Recent Rating: "Amazing teacher!" view more »

Patrick Star

Department: Economics
Recent Rating: "Best Teacher. Ever. He will change your life." view more »

Kathryn Clyne

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Absolutely WORST teacher ever!! Be prepared to teach yourself for the entire year. " view more »

Arri Weeks

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Arri is a cool pal but she is not a good grade as the previous writer stated in 2012. " view more »

Jennifer Fine

Department: History
Recent Rating: "The best way to describe Mrs. Fine is evil, immature, and rude. She feels superior to everyone..." view more »

Mary Jane Johnston

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Who cares what she teaches...! She is the best.... looking haha" view more »

Donna Kemp

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "I FREAKING LOVED HER. If you be yourself, try but not don't overdo it, and laugh at her jokes she..." view more »

Roger Hansell

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "In addition to being very kind and relate-able, he's a pretty good teacher. He knows a lot about..." view more »

Roman Cebulski

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "Graphics was a fun and easy class. The only annoying thing is that sometimes after school..." view more »

Douglas Farrenkopf

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Mr. Farrenkopf was BY FAR my favorite teacher, and one of the best New Canaan High School had to..." view more »

Victoria Patton

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Senora was very helpful" view more »

Lenore Schneider

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Shes really not that hard. You just gotta do the work and study and it pays off in class. The one..." view more »

David Fine

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "I was in an all-Senior AP Class with Mr. Fine, and he was really chill. He was a really nice guy,..." view more »

Jodie Buccieri

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "I maintained a high grade in the class because math comes easy to me. But for the people who..." view more »

Kristine Goldhawk

Department: History
Recent Rating: "In spite of the fact that Ms Goldhawk's tests are really hard, she is an awesome and interesting..." view more »

Scott Cranston

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Mr Cranston is and will always be my least favorite teacher. He is manipulative, doesn't..." view more »

Priscilla Schulz

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "I'm going to miss buddy gym next semester" view more »

Scott Craig

Department: Education
Recent Rating: "Sincere and a great listener! Seems really smart and concerned about students." view more »

Anna Mase

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Ms. Mase is a great teacher, she really re-defines teaching Music Tech. She is a very..." view more »

Melissa Rampelli

Department: English
Recent Rating: "she is very nice and always willing to help you go the "extra mile". Great teacher." view more »

Richard Larcom

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "makes you work for your grade but love math at the same time and i am not a math person. best..." view more »

Brendan Mc Gurk

Department: History
Recent Rating: "An awesome guy and a really good teacher. He's interesting, knows a lot, and teaches well." view more »

Arthur Sjogren

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "mr. sjogren was one of the most influential teachers i've ever met. he was an amazing choir..." view more »

Sujay Desai

Department: English
Recent Rating: "cOOL gUY" view more »

Anthony Giancola

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "He was the man, too bad he retired... great guy, we will miss him" view more »

Christina Norman

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Frau Norman is great" view more »

Laurie Mc Grath

Department: Home Economics
Recent Rating: "Very nice and makes even biscuits entertaining." view more »

Joe Ditolla

Department: Resource
Recent Rating: "Mr.Ditolla is probaly one of the best teachers i had he really wants the best for you" view more »

Tom Smith

Department: Journalism
Recent Rating: "loves to play around with the technology, makes class fun cause he always allows you to..." view more »

Paula Meachen

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "a really nice teacher, i dont think i could have survived bio without her. out of all my..." view more »

Antonio Tripodi

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "He was a good teacher, despite what people might say about him. He shouldnt have left. I learned..." view more »

Gary Field

Department: Administration
Recent Rating: "he was very happy outward going guy. if you ever had to deal with him in an administration..." view more »

Reka Kurta

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "AWESOOME TEACHER!!!!!" view more »

Robert Gardner

Department: History
Recent Rating: "too bad he left us all to suffer under bad teachers like dasher..." view more »

Nancy Dennin

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "mrs D is hands down one of the best teachers ive ever had. im so sad shes gone." view more »

Maura Williams

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Haha. I fooled around so much in her class Sophomore year, but I still did well in Latin III..." view more »

Linda Brooks

3 ratings
Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Kinda nuts is personality, but overall a sweet person. Great for individual instruction, but you..." view more »

John Barone

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "This man should be fired immediately. Worst teacher I've ever had" view more »

Veronica Astacio

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Profe is the bomb diggity. She pokes fun at you but overall she's a great teacher and it's easy..." view more »

Liz Marcal

Department: Languages

Jessica Browner

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Ms. Browner is in love with random and pointless historical worksheets that are completely..." view more »

Michael Capriotti

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "very, very easy class. always around for extra help. not too controling though" view more »

Steve Bedard

Department: Health
Recent Rating: "Bedard is one of my favorite teachers. He always takes his job as a health teacher very seriously..." view more »

Courtney Greco

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She's a very nice person and a really easy. In terms of actual teaching she's sort of boring and..." view more »

Darcy Smith

Department: English/Math
Recent Rating: "Miserable experience. She was obnoxious, loud, and got caught lying to the principal about my..." view more »

Jay Egan

16 ratings
Department: Health
Recent Rating: "Just generally an idiot" view more »