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Ormond Beach Middle School

Based on 106 Teachers and 568 Ratings
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151 Domicilio Ave
Showing 106 Teachers from Ormond Beach Middle School

Laura Bamberger

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "She can make the most difficult concepts easy to understand. Great teacher who cares about her..." view more »

Mellisa Ciulla

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Best math teacher I have ever had! Great at teching and is very helpful" view more »

Cliff Martin

Department: History
Recent Rating: "He is the father everyone wishes they had.I will never forget him. Martino is the best teacher..." view more »

Alice Dugan

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Ms. Dugan is the best art teacher I ever had. And as someone stated before, she likes the..." view more »

Plemon Hill

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Coach Hill was there when i was there in the mid 80's. He was the most awesome teacher i ever..." view more »


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She's so nice!" view more »

John Ariani

Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "he is very nice he even lets me talk to him in detention" view more »

Mary Farrah Back

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Goes out of her way to provide help, after school and even gives up her lunch." view more »

Deborah Linn

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "She makes science interesting and makes things fun so you can understand the different science..." view more »

Amy Ringue

Department: Multiple Subjects
Recent Rating: "She is an amazing teacher, one of the best. I could not ask for a better one." view more »

N Hines

Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "mss hines is very cool and she is mean to the idiots who dont pay attention to her and her rules,..." view more »

Dan Harlacher

Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "Mr. Harlacher is amazing! He is funny, nice, and helpful. He was my favorite teacher this year!" view more »

Kathy Finn Weis

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Ms. Finn makes learning music fun and she likes teaching." view more »

Pam Hampton

Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "I LOVE Mrs. Hampton! She was one of the best teachers I had this year." view more »

Linda Mc Munn

Department: Home Economics
Recent Rating: "She is not a very 'nice' teacher. She is not easy to get along with, and most kids hate her. She..." view more »

Kristie Taylor

Department: English
Recent Rating: "she rocks. she gives alot of work but i now see the reason cuz i'm in hi school now. she..." view more »

Mr. Hansen

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "I took agriculture with Mr. Hansen almost ten years ago. I enjoyed working with the animals " view more »

Michael Torres

Department: Band
Recent Rating: "He is a very cool teacher but he freaks out alot" view more »

Sharon Martin

Department: Librarian
Recent Rating: "My daughter loves her! Unfortunately, we had to move to another district, but are hoping to move..." view more »

Mr Walter

Department: Math


Department: Reading

Dawn Dupree

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Absent all the time! Job not a priority and neither are students. Way too many days off..." view more »

Edgar Scott

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "He is a great person and he is extremely kind and caring." view more »


Department: Substitute Teacher
Recent Rating: "I LOVE MRS. SAYGER!:D" view more »

Myrna Ortiz

Department: Administration
Recent Rating: "we love u ur soo cool and always so sweet anytim we have a problem we kno that your there thats..." view more »

Kristen Pirkey

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Ok i mean seriosly i love Mrs.Pirkey she is the BEST math teacher in the whole intire world. if i..." view more »

Tricia Garver

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Dont like Ms garver! She does not explain when you have a question or are confused, I have never..." view more »

Leeann Dresser

1 rating
Department: Music
Recent Rating: "She changed my daughter's life, and she adores her. She is profeesional, while fun, and she makes..." view more »

Ryan Mahaney

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Just got new schedule. So glad I got Mahaney. He really helped me last year and I was not in..." view more »

Heather Iannarelli

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "she is the best" view more »

Sara Lachman

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Ms.Lachman is so cool. She makes seventh grade awesome." view more »

Carl Persis

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "The dude needs to retire NOW." view more »


Department: History
Recent Rating: "Best teacher ever espicially the St. Augustine trip. I`m only in 7th grade, but i was lucky..." view more »

Mr Nichols

Department: Substitute Teacher
Recent Rating: "he is ok. hes kinda of funny ,kinda strict , kinda weird." view more »

Dwayne Pelham

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "He's awsome but when 1 person does something, the whole class gets gets punished!" view more »

Lisa Edwards

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "REALLY NICE" view more »

Karen Kennedy

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Boring and doesn't know much about the subject." view more »

Lori Gregson

Department: Counselor
Recent Rating: "best teacherr" view more »

Kimberly Smurdon

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Awesome teacher, nice to talk to...We do fun stuff in her class!!! <33333" view more »

Greg Jenkins

Department: Administration
Recent Rating: "6 foot 10 and its all coolness!!" view more »

Sherry Jarvis

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She is pretty cool but sometimes her class is pretty boring. But she is still really cool!We love..." view more »

Tucker Harris

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Probably the best teacher i've had, really funny :D" view more »

Cristopher Simons

Department: Band
Recent Rating: "the best teacher in the world-this was olivia graham" view more »

Robert Horn

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "The guy is passionate about his subject, makes learning fun, and knows alot about everything!" view more »

Elaine Harwood

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Best science teacher i learned to listen closely she does not repeat directions" view more »

Stephanie Troutman

Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "I love her Hello Kitty Bag!!" view more »


Department: Substitute Teacher
Recent Rating: "we played tackle football when she subed" view more »

Mr. Keane

Department: Substitute Teacher
Recent Rating: "best sub ever!" view more »