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Palo Alto High School

Based on 156 Teachers and 2,153 Ratings
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50 Embarcadero Rd.
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Brenda Young

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Ms. Young is a wonderful math teacher. She explains everything thoroughly and even offered a..." view more »

Herb Bocksnick

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Herb Bocksnick RULES!!!!!!" view more »

Maria Rao

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "can't stand this course, this subject or this teacher so there" view more »

Craig Bark

7 ratings
Department: English
Recent Rating: "Mr Bark is awesome! He has helped me so much in English 9A this year, and the skills he has..." view more »

Ashwini Avadhani

19 ratings
Department: Chemistry
Recent Rating: "cannot teach at all. I have to re-learn the material by myself days before the test. LOVEs indians." view more »

Christopher Proctor

Department: English
Recent Rating: "she is the nicest woman in the world, but not very nice" view more »

Ben Bolanos

28 ratings
Department: History
Recent Rating: "Mr Bolanos is pretty chill. He has been out a lot this year dealing with a family crisis, but he..." view more »

Jack Bungarden

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Mr. Bungarden is one of those people that I know I will remember even after high school. At the..." view more »

Steve Foug

39 ratings
Department: History
Recent Rating: "i dislike him strongly not helpful. blares loud annoying things when i came in for help in..." view more »


4 ratings
Department: English
Recent Rating: "Mr. Cheli is the smartest teacher I have ever had. Cheli, if you read this, which I doubt you..." view more »

Deborah Whitson

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "An awesome teacher. Super chill and the class is pretty easy as well." view more »

Kathi Bowers

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "im super sad i didnt get her, my sister did and im really jealous. like super depressed i didnt..." view more »

Nicole Loomis

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "Great, friendly teacher. Treats students like her peers, unlike the typical patronizing teacher." view more »

Emily Garrison

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Very enthusiastic and passionate. Easy to talk to. Great overall." view more »

Austin Davis

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Cool guy. Fun teacher. Can be boring at times but what do you expect from a history teacher?" view more »

Kaye Paugh

Department: English
Recent Rating: "she's my hero. no joke. really miss her. she really wants you to do well. didn't just learn about..." view more »

David Camner

Department: Performing Arts
Recent Rating: "Great teacher. Calm, cool, collected, but creative and very helpful. Wants you to really expand..." view more »

Christianne Resinger

Department: French
Recent Rating: "Resinger knew nothing about French (she is a terrible speaker). Her class is super easy, she..." view more »

Phil Winston

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "What a great guy! His moniker Chill Phil definitely suits him. He's not like Kim Jong..." view more »

Kathy Laurence

Department: Psychology
Recent Rating: "She's good at giving head" view more »

Doyle Knight

Department: Auto Tech
Recent Rating: "Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle Doyle..." view more »

Mike Mc Nulty

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Probably the best teacher on campus. His love for the subject and his students is so great and he..." view more »

Ron Bowditch

9 ratings
Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "He is the best teacher I've ever had. Period. I mean, how many people get a Phd as a high school..." view more »

Kevin Sharp

Department: English
Recent Rating: "I rarely write teacher reviews, however, after completing Shap's class I feel obliged to share my..." view more »

Josh Bloom

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "Please do keep in mind that everyone is at a different level for understanding both physics and..." view more »

Melissa Laptalo

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Ms. Laptalo is by far, to me, the hardest teacher I've ever had. She never tells you everything..." view more »

Mimi Park

12 ratings
Department: English
Recent Rating: "Very engaging teacher who can teach you a lot. She grades very fairly, just make sure to follow..." view more »

Adam Yonkers

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "really boring, doesnt really engage the class. I would probably enjoy it more if he wasn't as..." view more »

Liyuan He.

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "loses her temper quite a lot. will throw stuff just to get the class's attention... if a teacher..." view more »

Melinda Mattes

Department: Psychology
Recent Rating: "have you noticed she breathes constantly???" view more »

James Hanmer

Department: English
Recent Rating: "totally awful does nothing knows nothing wait he hasn't been at paly for many years and what the..." view more »

Eric Bloom

Department: Economics
Recent Rating: "Really good, maybe great I think" view more »

David Duran

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Duran is the best PE teacher at PALY! He's really chill and funny:) In addition, he's very open..." view more »

Caitlin Evans

Department: Psychology
Recent Rating: "Overall easy and fair class. She is a really nice person. However, she didn't cover the basic..." view more »

Marina Alvarado

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Alvy is pretty great! I'm currently in her 3H class and she's a fantastic teacher! The only thing..." view more »

Deanna Chute

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Had her for Trig and Analysis. Fantastic teacher who knows what she's talking about and explains..." view more »

Teruka Kamikihara

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Sensei is the best teacher ever." view more »

Justin Cronin

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Super Cool teacher, everyone likes him, really good at teaching to" view more »

Karen Kolb

Department: English
Recent Rating: "I absolutely loved her her classes are easy but you will learn something if you pay attention -..." view more »

Kay Gibson

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "She is SUCH A sweetheart!! Don't be intimidated by the previous low ratings. She might come off..." view more »

Mindy Steiner

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "She still doesn't know my name. Other than that she's fine." view more »

Ronnie Farrell

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "He's really mean and scary. " view more »

Scott Friedland

32 ratings
Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Mr Friedland is pretty nice, I have him for Functional Programming. He teaches in a lecture..." view more »

David Baker

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Great TEacher! super nice to listen too and look at. His flow is riveting and sometimes I..." view more »

Suzanne Antink

31 ratings
Department: Math
Recent Rating: "I have Ms. Antink this year, and she is my new favorite teacher ever. She's the sweetest but..." view more »

Kate Mc Kenzie

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She's an amazing teacher who really tries to teach everyone how to not only draw/paint, but also..." view more »

Kenyan Scott

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "For chemistry, he shows a lot of videos. Leaves classrooms at least 5 times during block class..." view more »

Jerry Berkson

Department: Administration
Recent Rating: "The coolest administrator I have ever come across. Does not like to waste time of petty issues...." view more »

Natalie Simison

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Ms. Simison goes by Ms. Docktor now. She's an incredibly nice and helpful person, but..." view more »

Stacey Kofman

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Ms. Kofman is a great PE teacher. She teaches sports medicine so she seems really knowledgable in..." view more »