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Pattonville Sr. High School

Based on 135 Teachers and 563 Ratings
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2497 Creve Coeur Mill Rd
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Daniel Henderson

Department: Music


Department: History

Judith Chabot

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "I can't say I learned much Spanish from her, but I had fun. I'm sure you'd learn more in French..." view more »

Bethany Bear

Department: English
Recent Rating: "she is soooo skinny. but i like her!" view more »

Maxine Gyles Allen

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Worst spanish teacher ever! She singles out kids and picks on them! She doesn't teach at all, we..." view more »

Ginger Roberts

Department: English
Recent Rating: "i love mrs.roberts, she is the best english I ever had! :)" view more »


Department: Fine Arts
Recent Rating: "Shes so nice and I was really apprehensive about art untill I got in her class." view more »

Nathan Bachelder

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Literally talks THE WHOLE HOUR!!!! Hard to understand! Boring! " view more »

Julie Newman

Department: English

Sean O'connor

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "He is an amazing person and an ok teacher" view more »

Sarah Keene

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "I love Dr. Keene! She is such an amazing woman" view more »

Louise Mc Guire

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "strict but fair :)" view more »

Rick Glidewell

Department: History
Recent Rating: "He's a really nice person when you get to know him, and he can goof around and kid with you. Just..." view more »

Olivia Rea

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "She doesnt know what she is talking about sometimes....and Most of the time doesnt know how to teach" view more »

Melissa Payne

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Worst math teacher on Earth!!!!" view more »


Department: Science

Joe Carenza

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Late, Late, Late, and they're off and running at phs, lol, two things i get to hear from him..." view more »

Reed Shelia

Department: Business
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Reed is really easy to tune out, and half the time you don't even do it on purpose. She is..." view more »

Christina Northrup

Department: English
Recent Rating: "... I dont like Mrs.Northdrup she wouldent give a pass to math class cause iforgot something that..." view more »

Lanee Hasenkamp

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "I think she's afraid of me. hahahaha." view more »

Maureen Weissler

Department: English
Recent Rating: "She doesnt even know what she is talking about half of the time " view more »

Amy Spawr

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "not a good teacher at all" view more »

V. Cobb

Department: History
Recent Rating: "First of all she thinks she's funny, and laughs at her on jokes, and gets mad if we laugh at her..." view more »

Regina Cobb

Department: Home Economics
Recent Rating: "nice, caring teacher; always improving on her teaching; not that hard; rule follower; follow them..." view more »

Charlott Marsh

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "I like Mrs. Marsh as a person, but it is about time to put away the chalk and call it a day. She..." view more »


Department: Fine Arts

Barbara Stavely

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "very boring, has an annoying voice. doesnt really connect with students" view more »


Department: Fine Arts
Recent Rating: "She will never EVER remember your name, but she can be funny. No complaints." view more »

Sandra Bahr

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Bahr only likes about 3 students in each class, she's rude and not very helpful or clear on..." view more »

Miriam Sabol

Department: English
Recent Rating: "for some reason, she expects you to know what she's thinking like we're psychic or something...." view more »

Susan Aka Frau Phillips

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "its sooo easy to get her off task. she comes to class late everyday. class gets started like 30..." view more »

Daniel Zaitz

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Lets just say that he doesn't understand what he is teaching, then he expects you to teach him on..." view more »

Joseph Carenza

Department: History

Gaye Ryan

Department: English