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Penn Yan Academy

Based on 50 Teachers and 69 Ratings
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305 Court St
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Patti Harling

Department: Languages

Dave Pullen

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "A good solid guy. You can relate to him, and he's a great principal." view more »

Don Rossi

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Mr. Rossi is pretty much the greatest teacher ever. Marine in the 80's and an awesome teacher..." view more »

John Kriese

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "Mr. Kriese is the beds teacher in the school unless your name is ahem David ahem Hopkins" view more »

Toni Johnson

Department: Languages/History
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Johnson is a great teacher, although she can be moody and not always the nicest. She always..." view more »

Steve Darrow

Department: History
Recent Rating: "He' s the best." view more »

Donna Mc Laughlin

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Mrs M is the best :) Not only the coolest teacher, but also a phenemonal one.... easy to talk..." view more »

Shawn Brennan

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Mr.Brennan is alright. He can be very weird. But he is very professional. Just not very bad with..." view more »

Steve Breuer

Department: Math

Warren Kinsey

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "mr kinsey is not that great. he thinks he knows people when he walks down the hall, but he..." view more »

Walt Nasarenko

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "He's not bad but if there's a female in your class that ahem may or may not have ahem had lots of..." view more »

Cathy Fritz

Department: Business
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Fritz's class isn't especially exciting, but there is a lot of good info to be learned. I..." view more »

Brett Harrison

Department: Health

Mike Griffiths

Department: History
Recent Rating: "he is the shizzle my nizzle" view more »

Jessica Weaver

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "we love mrs. long!!!" view more »

John Manley

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Mr. Manley is pretty fair and doesn't play favorites much except for by behavior and effort." view more »

Ann Paige

Department: Chemistry
Recent Rating: "Nobody makes Chemistry fun like Mrs. Paige. She has a lot of energy and works like a million..." view more »

Stephanie Simonik

Department: Health
Recent Rating: "Shes my fav. teacher! the best @ our school. really nice and helpful and she teaches everything..." view more »

Nate Kraemer

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Kraemer is awesome! :)" view more »

Carol Darrow

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Darrow is a solid teacher. She uses a lot of lecture, but manages not to become to boring. ..." view more »

Nancy Davis

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Favoritism! Has no ability to take lessons from literature and actually learn from them, we must..." view more »

Paul Cataline

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Mr. Cataline - you got me through!! You're the best teacher there. Thanks for everything." view more »

Lavro Polon

Department: Visual Arts
Recent Rating: "Mr. P is the best art teacher i have ever had! He's a really awesome guy and a really awesome..." view more »

Matthew Krause

Department: Math

Kiki Seago

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "An awesome teacher, always willing to help." view more »

Minnie Groom

Department: Math

Tom Abraham

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "Mr. Abraham isn't a good teacher at all...very unhelpful with classwork and homework" view more »

Judy Willing

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Willing is not a very good teacher. She doesn't teach everything you need to know, and..." view more »

Rachael O'connor

Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "She's the bomb-digitty!" view more »

Mike Shannon

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "shannon is the koolest" view more »

Dan Groom

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "bowling whooooooo" view more »

Gail Ingram

Department: History

Doug Holcomb

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "He is an underrated teacher who was given a hard time for no reason whatsoever" view more »

Devi Russell

Department: Librarian

James Klem

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "One of the funniest guys, and a great math teacher." view more »

Irka Elsevier

Department: Biology

Dave Capone

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "i like mr capone he was very nice some people did not like him because he would get mad if..." view more »

Carol Oakleaf

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "She is probably the worst, most confusing teacher I have ever had in my life. " view more »

Jennifer Chaffee

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "worst band director ever" view more »

Sharon Stamp

Department: English
Recent Rating: "I didn't necesarily like Mrs. Stamp because she can be very condescending and make students feel..." view more »

Scott Bluett

Department: Counselor


Department: English