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Richland College

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Merry Jett

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Great teacher wish more were like her" view more »

Vasant Gadre

Department: Spanish
Recent Rating: "Excellent professor with all the required Skill sets - Blessed to have learned by him " view more »

Andrew Copple

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "Mr. Copple is witty and intelligent. He explains things well and makes the course fun." view more »

Loretta Anderson

Department: Accounting
Recent Rating: "Great Teacher! Didn't know how much I learned until I went to college and realized how much I..." view more »

Michelle Navaro

Department: History
Recent Rating: "she is an amazing teacher!!!! she gives out a looot of work but its well worth it and she makes..." view more »

Daisy Santosh

Department: Education
Recent Rating: "She is a great teacher. Very knowledgeable about her subject. Has high expectations from..." view more »

Ronda Glasser

Recent Rating: "The best that you can have in class You will love her I swear" view more »

Rabah Mezenner

Department: Engineering
Recent Rating: "I really enjoy this class. He is really stric with his quizes and homeworkd,but i miss 3 Quizes..." view more »

Randy Methenitis

Department: Economics
Recent Rating: "The professor was made the course simple to follow and replied to all the questions I had during..." view more »

Beverly Gaither

Department: Advisor
Recent Rating: "She's an advisor. They know a lot but keep it hidden." view more »

R Mims

Department: Geology
Recent Rating: "Good teacher. loves his students, dogs, and planting. quizzes weekly, but fairly easy...." view more »

?? Carver

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "I which to clone this teacher and have at each of my science course...she is the greatest teacher..." view more »

Diana Amezaga

Department: Spanish
Recent Rating: "She is strict and fair. Not always personable but, she is very qualified. She is a no nonsense..." view more »

Kathy Yates

Department: Political Science
Recent Rating: "There are many typos in her written instructions- almost all of them, it's weird- and she has a..." view more »

Mathew Henry

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Take another one.. Save ur life. His essays are really hard and he is really strick on the grama,..." view more »

Raymond Sandoval

Department: Government
Recent Rating: "I took his class twice and got an F both times. Please do not waste your time you will never..." view more »

Raymond Raymond E Sandoval

Department: Government
Recent Rating: "He is useless. He never teaches just expects you to know the material on your own yet he grades..." view more »

Jim Stover

Department: Fine Arts

Lois Parrot

Department: Humanities

Jana Flowers

Department: Psychology

Jada Hill

Department: Mathematics

John Trickel

Department: History

Miguel Marrero

Department: English

William Wells

Department: English

Kay Coder

Department: Sociology

Terah Coffman

Department: Chemistry

Ken Lott

Department: Mathematics

Raj Seekri

Department: Mathematics

Hilary Dietz

Department: English

Michael Bell

Department: Biology

Artist Thorton

Department: Speech

Mark Jones

Department: History

Lynn Ball

Department: English

Scott Shepard

Department: English

Luke Barber

Department: Philosophy

Amy Bell

Department: History

Gary Verett

Department: History

Ricardo Azpiroz

Department: Biology

Jill Buettner

Department: Biology