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Southwestern College

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Steve Farzam

Department: Emt/Paramedic
Recent Rating: "Steve Farzam is a great professor. he makes the class fun and entertaining, while educating. One..." view more »

Tracy Schaelen

Department: English
Recent Rating: "She Is A Kind, Caring And Very Dedicated Professor. I Will Always Remember Her." view more »

Dan Greenheck

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "He taught and worked with each and every student really well! If you had any question, he..." view more »

Geoffrey Johnson

Department: English
Recent Rating: "his a very cool teacher and if you have problems with his class he helps you out" view more »

Robert Unger

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Dr. Unger is a very easy going teacher. I learned a tremendous amount of knowledge from his class..." view more »

Muhammad Emami

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "So glad I came to this site to find a good math professor! Professor Emami is so far, quite..." view more »

Katherine Achacoso

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Professor K is a great teacher. She truly enjoys what she does, has a great attitude and is..." view more »

Claudia De La Toba

Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "Great teacher and teaching methods great class thank you!" view more »

Claire Villalpando Utgaard

Department: English
Recent Rating: "excellent teacher, a bit strict but you will learn" view more »

Michael Boone

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "He is super nice without being a pushover. I am horrible at math but was able to pass his class..." view more »

Robert Fargo

Department: Sociology
Recent Rating: "He is an amazing teacher super flexible when it comes to assignments, quizzes are easy if you..." view more »

Sherooq Medin

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "He's a pretty swell guy and id have him as a teacher sometimes.1007" view more »

Victor Chavez

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Chavez is the best teacher in town! Take him and you be the judge!" view more »

Vallo Riberto

Department: Fine Arts
Recent Rating: "He may be a good artist, but teaching is not among his strong points. He was almost 40 minutes..." view more »

Najah Abdelkader

Department: Philosophy
Recent Rating: "The way in which she explains the chapters is not easily understood. It's like listening to a..." view more »

Furaha Saba

Department: Communication
Recent Rating: "don't get her started on race because she will go all postal on you. she doesn't like students..." view more »

Cathy Law

1 rating
Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "she shows a lot of youtube videos on the chapter work gives a lot of reading and writing work ...." view more »

Martha Carey

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "this would be the only teacher that does not recognize Volume, Gram or Surface area, as..." view more »

Cody Dolnick

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Switch out if you have him, poor learning experience and very depressing to be around, speaks..." view more »

Michiyo Kirkpatrick

Department: Art
Recent Rating: "dont take her class! she sucks she doesnt give A you dont learn anything she doesnt like that..." view more »

Felix Tuyay

Department: History

Mimi Rasky

Department: Mathematics

Peggy Crane

Department: Economics

Jeffrey Veal

Department: Physics

Laura Ryan

Department: History

Margie Stinson

Department: Science

Stanley James

Department: History

Duro Agbede

Department: Health

Andrew Rempt

Department: English

Glenda Mc Gee

Department: English

Henry Quan

Department: Philosophy

Ananda Spike

Department: Philosophy

Sharon Shapiro

Department: Biology

Michael Riddle

Department: Biology

Frank Paiano

Department: Business