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Suny Plattsburgh

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Peter Conrad

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "There will only be exams and quizzes. It sucks ! He is a knowledgeable * man but his class is..." view more »

Edward Lusk

Department: Accounting
Recent Rating: "His class structure makes it hard to get a good grade in" view more »

Emily Daniels

Department: Education

Kenna Laporte

Department: Psychology
Recent Rating: "I learned absolutely nothing in this class do not take her PSY 101 class she complains to the..." view more »

Gina Combs

Department: Economics

Roberta Wacker

Department: Communication
Recent Rating: "Unfair grader to the max and very rude. " view more »

Anne Bongiorno

Department: Nursing
Recent Rating: "Took on-line class through Excelsior with her. She is terrible. Does not respond to students...." view more »

Jodi Marvin

Department: Psychology

Arthur Tucker

Department: Business

John Stubbs

Department: History

Mary Strate

Department: Biology

Janine Scherline

Department: Music

John Porter

Department: Physics

Kate Joyce

Department: Science

Linda Weisman

Department: English

Alison Barr

Department: Biology

Marjorie Brown

Department: English

Rene Burl

Department: Communication

Carla Ensel

Department: Sociology

Stephen Henry

Department: Finance

Steve Mathews

Department: English