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Teresa Maebori

Education Teacher in Germantown Friends School
2.8 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings
2.8 Overall Rating
2.3 Easiness
2.7 Helpfulness
3.0 Clarity


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06/20/07 -

She's awful. I was sick from stress all through 3rd grade, and I'm a good student. Below is right, she doesn't understand kids. She is the only teacher through k12 that had this effect on me

Easiness 1.0
Helpfulness 1.0
Clarity 1.0
0.5 Overall Rating

10/30/06 -

i loved ms. maebori! what r u guys saying?????she is so cool! i mean.. she like .. is strict sometimes.. :] but she's cooOl and u guys hate her cuz u guys were probably trouble makers..

Easiness 3.0
Helpfulness 4.0
Clarity 5.0
2.0 Overall Rating

03/06/05 -

Mrs. Maebori does not understand kids

Easiness 3.0
Helpfulness 3.0
Clarity 3.0
1.5 Overall Rating

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