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Texas Tech University

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Nimantha Manamperi

Department: Economics
Recent Rating: "One of the best professors at Berea" view more »

Hamed Sari Sarraf

Department: Engineering
Recent Rating: "I am currently taking IMAGE PROCESSING (ECE 5367) under him and what I will say is based on my..." view more »

Art Fricke

Department: English
Recent Rating: "not easy workload at first but is if u use early grading and ask questions" view more »

Valerie Hlavaty

1 rating
Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Hlavaty is SO sweet. She can be a bit scatter brained at times and she talks about her..." view more »

M.A.K. Lodhi

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "very good teacher, has thorough understanding and knowledge. Always..." view more »

Jeff Dillard

Department: Political Science
Recent Rating: "Best professor at Tech! Cannot recommend enough. So hot!" view more »

Dawn Kelley

Department: Accounting
Recent Rating: "Not helpful and she was rude" view more »

Jen Shelton

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Skype? Forget it. Teleconference? What for? We use Moodle to do this class. If you like..." view more »

Heraldur Runar Karlsson

Department: Geology
Recent Rating: "He doesn't speak very loud, but he gives homework and extra credit work." view more »

Nathan Collie

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "Knows his stuff, but the flipped classroom this year did not work at all." view more »

Gopal Lakhani

Department: Computer Science
Recent Rating: "His teaching approach is tough. Take his subject after checking with your seniors. " view more »

Roger Landes

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "He tries to make everything to simple but just makes everything even more confusing." view more »

Dawn Kelly

Department: Accounting

Don Clancy

Department: Accounting

Quepha Lynn

Department: Accounting

James Lampe

Department: Accounting

Sam Jackson

Department: Agriculture


Department: Agriculture

J Johnson

Department: Agriculture

Lyda Garcia

Department: Agriculture

Cindy Akers

Department: Agriculture

Heidi Brady

Department: Agriculture

Bart Durham

Department: Agriculture

Ernest Fish

Department: Agriculture

Amber Bates

Department: Agriculture