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Thomas Pyle Middle School

Based on 219 Teachers and 2,374 Ratings
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6311 Wilson Lane
Showing 219 Teachers from Thomas Pyle Middle School

Katie Sonnabend

Department: Counselor
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Sonnabend is really, really, really, really, really, nice. The best counselor I've had, and..." view more »

Shellie Berman

Department: English
Recent Rating: "repeats things way too many times... repeats things way too many times... repeat" view more »

Jeremy Demink

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Really good teacher. Has an interesting and thought provoking style of teaching, which makes you..." view more »

James De Buchananne

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "Mr. D is the hottest teacher in the whole school he is also a hot PE teacher one of the best..." view more »

James De Buchanne

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "Mr.D is a great teacher he is certainly Eye candy I wish I had him the whole year because he is..." view more »

Shellie Haube

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "MS.HAUBE IS THE BEST SCIENCE TEACHER I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is really nice. You..." view more »

Danielle Rosanova

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Ms. Rosanova is a really nice teacher, and she teaches really well too. I feel comfortable in her..." view more »

Johnathan Gorham

Department: French
Recent Rating: "Best Teacher. He is so chill but cant control the class which is good. Unlimited retakes and easy..." view more »

Susan Baumel

Department: English
Recent Rating: "She is my B i love her to the moon and back " view more »

Pamela Lever

17 ratings
Department: English
Recent Rating: "Ms. Lever's class is all about her and she is so rude to me." view more »

Petrice Flood

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "amazing teacher, yet laid back and really cares about her students." view more »

Jeffery Mehr

Department: Health
Recent Rating: "good guy" view more »

Andra Metz

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "mrs metzen is the best" view more »


Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "Like all but 2 of my teachers, she is nice, but you have to be on your best behavior. She assigns..." view more »

Amy Gardner

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Super nice, let my bestie and I pair up every single time." view more »


Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "ms yates is a good teacher... shes really nice and shes actually really good @ basketball... she..." view more »

Paul Lojewski

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "A fun loving guy, who can not only tolerate a joker but enjoys it. Definetly the kind of guy..." view more »

Gary Witzenburg

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "I'll miss you Mr. Witz. You will always have a place in my heart. To you, I give you a cigar. R.I.P." view more »

Linda Wheelhouse

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "i have dyscalculia, a math disability and ADHD and he totally helped me through school.Awsome..." view more »

Margret Hall

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "She was my favorite teacher in sixth grade. Anyone who pays attention will have fun. Hard not to..." view more »

Frank Ball

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "He was a great man and helped so many people, he was more than a teacher, he was a friend to so many" view more »

Amiee Skidmore

Department: English
Recent Rating: "chill solid cool teacher but only in short bursts other wise its the best english teacher so far" view more »

Joe Cassidy

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "MY BEST FRIEND. nuff said. i can talk to him about anything, love him like a brother/father/WHATEVER" view more »

Evir Goldman

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Ms. Goldman is the greatest teacher I have ever had. In our class, we had such a great time that..." view more »

David Peake

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "me peake was very knowledgable, he's not one if those teachers that don't know what he was..." view more »

Peter Petrosian

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Best science teacher i've had" view more »

Sarah Bartlett

Department: Reading
Recent Rating: "really attractive, if she would have been my teacher, i would have had a degree in english" view more »

Robert Wallis

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "WE love you mr. Wallis you are sooooo funny even though you act like your not sometimes funny..." view more »


Department: Auto Tech
Recent Rating: "he is an ok teacher great person though if you get on his good side you're set for the..." view more »

Jennifer Goodstein

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "She is an amazing teacher and an amazing person, if you are willing to learn she will help you..." view more »

Rebecca Bloom

Department: Counselor
Recent Rating: "She was very supportive of my middle schooler and our family. She really went out of her way to..." view more »

Christine Adams

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Good teacher, just gets frustrated with questions but is very smart and knows her stuff" view more »

Polly Samsock

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Best Teacher from pyle. Great memories. Didn't do squat in that class but I still learned." view more »

Mr. David Satterwhite

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "mr. satterwhite… oh gosh… he has staring contests with me………….. hahaha he's funny..." view more »

Robert Forney

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "Mr. Forney is pretty awesome when it comes to humor and philosophical questions. But sometimes,..." view more »

Ed Earle

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "He is a jolly guy, who likes to talk about WWII and the Cold War. We joked that we learned more..." view more »

Barbara Gianfrancesco

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Ms. G is so nice! She is so much fun! The projects are great because if you want to work with a..." view more »

Ashleigh Butler

Department: Band
Recent Rating: "Had her for two years now, she always picks on favorites, not that fair all the time, and gets..." view more »

Pamela Mc Dermott

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Extremely nice teacher, had her last year but sadly some one told me she had a brain tumor and..." view more »


Department: Substitute Teacher
Recent Rating: "Very interesting, kind of weird grades (7.8756, 9.895???) yet he is really nice, kind of boring,..." view more »

Valerie Rey

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "So helpful. So kind." view more »

Linda Xourias

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "LOVE MRS.X!!!! she made me love a subject as boring as math sooooo helpful you definitely want..." view more »

T.J. Caswell

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "I think Mr. Caswell is super hot if I could choose the hottest teacher in the school it eould be..." view more »

Kristen Tessier

10 ratings
Department: French
Recent Rating: "Too strict. She was nice to girls who read books but a ***** to everyone else. I don't think I..." view more »

Sandra Gallagher

Department: English
Recent Rating: "some kids really hated her but I thought she was really nice, she was usually perky and made..." view more »

Eric "The Man" Munson

Department: History
Recent Rating: "He's an epic teacher, my favorite this year, 6th graders, hope you have him. He's AWESOME" view more »

Mike Mikrey

Department: Health
Recent Rating: "OMG LIKE SOO COOL LIKE OMG" view more »

Mister Mc Cabe

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "the best ever..." view more »

Nancy Egan

Department: Counselor
Recent Rating: "Ms Egan is very committed to the kids in her charge. She follows ALL the rules to a "tee" which..." view more »