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University Of Pennsylvania

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Alejandro Ribeiro

Department: Engineering
Recent Rating: "Best professor at University of Pennsylvania. By a wide margin." view more »

Rose Malague

Department: Theater
Recent Rating: "I learned a lot in her class. She's a very captivating teacher. My only critique is that..." view more »

Ania Loomba

Department: English
Recent Rating: "horrible, arrogant" view more »

Wei Tong

Department: Medicine

Ryan Blair

Department: Mathematics

Steven Blum

Department: Law

Lisa Britton

Department: Languages

Thomas Childers

Department: History

Harold Cole

Department: Economics

Julie Cousin

Department: Languages

Avi Barr

Department: Mathematics

David Weiner

Department: Medicine

Josh Weiss

Department: Fine Arts

Emily Wilson

Department: Classics

Cliff Akiyama

Department: Nursing

Daud Ali

Department: Asian Studies

Max Apple

Department: English

Eiichiro Azuma

Department: History

Carla Cue

Department: Writing

Joan Goodman

Department: Education

Doron Greenbaum

Department: Biology

Cam Grey

Department: Classics

Sheldon Hackney

Department: History

Stephen Hahn

Department: Medicine

Diane Hall

Department: Psychology

Emily Hannum

Department: Sociology

Joan Davitt

Department: Social Work

Peter Decherney

Department: Film