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Venture Christian School

Based on 23 Teachers and 33 Ratings
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Thomas Edelen

Department: Religion
Recent Rating: "Hey Mr. Edelen. I took your L.O.C class junior year. It was so awesome. I learned so much. I..." view more »

Hope Radney

Department: Administration
Recent Rating: "I love mrs radney so much she always has a smile on her face and is always there to help you such..." view more »

Wayne Strong

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Mr.Strong is sucha funny guy we used to ask him to do all the wuestions on the board with us so..." view more »

Ron Newkirk

Department: History
Recent Rating: "The hardest class you will ever take at Venture is Mr. Newkirks, ANY OF THEM. Mr. N is awesome..." view more »

Dawn Deyling

Department: Counselor/Religion
Recent Rating: "Every trip to Mrs. Deyling's office is a blessing. Mrs. D really cares and tries to help you out..." view more »

June Jerney

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Mrs jerney is the best ever she is si awsome you have no idea" view more »

Julie Alhquist

Department: Religion
Recent Rating: "the best Bible teacher i ever had. Mr. McHugh was ok when he took over too though. I just found..." view more »

Loren Naffziger

Department: Principal
Recent Rating: "Mr naff wow hes one of a kind what can I say I don't know what I would do with out that guy" view more »

James Mc Hugh

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "James is one of the most awesome teachers you can ever find he made bible my favorite class to go..." view more »

Ginger Armstrong

Department: Visual Arts
Recent Rating: "gave me the passion for art that i have now always a incourager" view more »

Tom Avery

Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Mr. Avery was cool, how could you not be coming to school in a limo everyday. Pretty easy class..." view more »

Jessica Naffziger

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Jessica is so easy, I don't know that I learned much but hey easy A" view more »

Kristen Cherry

Department: English
Recent Rating: "The WORST teacher I have ever had. She favors some students and she expects everyone to do well..." view more »

Melinda Newkirk

Department: Computer Science
Recent Rating: "Computer was great i got to do all kinds of stuuff i would not get to cause my family does not..." view more »

Pam Grauer

Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "cool teacher. Helps students that need extra help." view more »

Becky Runyan

Department: Asl
Recent Rating: "ASL was fun and it was challenging doing stuff in front of the whole school but i did not like..." view more »

Wendy Valadez

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "tuff teacher. I liked her but wasn't clear on a lot of assignments. class was pretty out of..." view more »

Jamie Magiera

Department: Health

Mr. Goodson

Department: English
Recent Rating: "people give mr. goodsen a bad rep. if you did your work and actually tried his class was pretty..." view more »

Fred Ankerman

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Teaches us like we are in college not like we are preparing for it. You can do well if you do..." view more »


Department: Music