Westlake High School

Average 3.94 based on 1,491 teacher ratings
Westlake High School is a public high school located in Westlake Village, California and part of Conejo Valley Unified School District. Westlake High School is ranked 1,127 in California. Learn More
100 North Lakeview Canyon Road Westlake Village CA 91362
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Keri Ponce is the worst teacher i haver ever had at Westlake , she doesnt teach and expects her students to watch...
10 ratings
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One of my favorites; she teaches well and the content is easy to learn. Some people say that the tests are hard, but...
8 ratings
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I dont understand why there is so much hate for Mrs.Cord down below ?? she might be kind of disorganized,clumsy and...

Lena Kim

Department Chemistry
Former Teacher
13 ratings
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Ms. Kim got hitched in 2013 and is now known as Mrs. Ulc. She is super adorable and kind, her and her husband are...
18 ratings
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I have her for her forensics class. It such an easy class yet we actually learn so many things about the subject....