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Yorkville School

Based on 14 Teachers and 13 Ratings
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Nancy Torres

1 rating
Department: Grade 1
Recent Rating: "Mrs. Torres is the greatest teacher my kids have ever had. All of my children have gone to..." view more »

Eileen Graf

1 rating
Department: Science
Recent Rating: "she is a awsome teacher that gives us candy on every friday!! she is the best!1" view more »

Katie Nicholls

2 ratings
Department: English
Recent Rating: "She is the funniest teacher ever! plus she is a great english teacher" view more »

Tom Heller

Department: Social Studies
Recent Rating: "He is retired now, but he is the smartest person i have ever met and knows everything about..." view more »

Allison Kerkman

1 rating
Department: Multiple Subjects
Recent Rating: "She is a great, funny, and awesome teacher" view more »

Marge Giegler

2 ratings
Department: Math
Recent Rating: "SHE ROCKS" view more »

John Rohner

2 ratings
Department: Grade 4
Recent Rating: "patient and caring with a good sense of humor" view more »

Judy Maass

1 rating
Department: Math
Recent Rating: "She is a nice person, just not a very good math teacher. I didn't understand her at all" view more »

Jay Mathwick

1 rating
Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "dude ur not cool" view more »

Connie Slye

Department: Counselor

Amanda Lois

Department: Math