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Yuba College

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Travis Smith

Department: History
Recent Rating: "I really enjoy his lecture. He is a very clear and concise intellectual speaker. I feel if anyone..." view more »

Sarah Kovacs

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "She was a nice math teacher I dont know too much because I took it online. I liked her..." view more »

J Almy

Department: English
Recent Rating: "He was really helpful and fun to be around. He took extra time to explain topics and vocabulary...." view more »

E Halcomb

Department: History
Recent Rating: "A lot of memorization. As long as you memorize alllll of the essay notes. The test is exactly..." view more »

Karsten Stemmann

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Knows math, but doesn't teach so help his students understand. Over half of my class is failing." view more »

Thomas Kloster

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "rambled on too much about nothing but tests are easy" view more »

Angela Willson

Department: Health Science
Recent Rating: "Very hard teacher.... sys one thing and then says she never said that... says "oh this test will..." view more »

Sherry Wallin

1 rating
Department: Math
Recent Rating: "Don't do it. Run away, far away. Late for class, mistakes on every test and very unorganized. She..." view more »

R Gaetano

Department: Communication

Surangi Frazier

Department: History

Neena Gill

Department: Education

F Araujo

Department: Anthropology

D White

Department: Film

Mr. Schrot

Department: Biology

Peter Scalfani

Department: Biology

Chris Greer

Department: Biology

Chris Jardine

Department: History

Heidi Walker

Department: Psychology

Eric Vincent

Department: Nursing


Department: Languages

Barbara Stengel

Department: History

S. Sertich

Department: Mathematics

Tina Ramey

Department: English


Department: Languages

Mike Papin

Department: Mathematics

Chris Mayse

Department: History

Francis Julian

Department: Geology


Department: Economics

Dan Okeefee

Department: Humanities

Jessica Green

Department: English

Marcia Stranix

Department: Business

Kyi Zin

Department: Mathematics

Peggy Alexander

Department: English