Brandywine High School

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Brandywine High School is a public high school located in Wilmington, Delaware and part of Brandywine School District. Brandywine High School is ranked 20 in Delaware. Learn More
1400 Foulk Rd Wilmington DE 19803
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Mrs. V was really laid back the first two marking periodsperiods and then got kinda stricter, but she's one of my...
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Taking his AP World History class was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in school. I was never...
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His tests are on quizlet. Google one question and whole test come're welcome
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Mr. Rivera was one of the best teachers I've had so far at brandywine. He is very understanding, helpful gives...
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ms. Stocksdale is one of the teachers That I can trust and She is there for me like a second mother n if you think...
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Mr. Rap is so cool. He knows so much and was a wonderful addition to brandywine. It's sad to see him go and I wish I...
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I had Ms. Whiting for Philosophy- she made the class fun and interesting. We were allowed to eat in class and relaxed...
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Very easy A. You take notes almost every day and listen to his life story and skiing. he is a gr8 guy and awesome coach.
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WE LOVE Ms.LEONARD!!!! i had her last year she is the coolest teacher ever!