Brandywine High School

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Brandywine High School is a public high school located in Wilmington, Delaware and part of Brandywine School District. Brandywine High School is ranked 17 in Delaware. Learn More
1400 Foulk Rd Wilmington DE 19803
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His class can be very hard if you dont pay attention and take but if you just listen to him and ask for help when you...
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I don't like when I ask help and walk away, and then when another student asks you help them. I also don't when I'm...
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we didn't get a lot of time to learn about the chapters we were taught and I feel like we learned everything so fast...
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Ms. Pyle is nice as a person, to my class anyway. But she is really hard, especially on tests. She should lower her...
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mr.edawaads is the man he always tryed to helped me out and i wish he could stay and teach me again but he left....
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Mr.Sanderson .. well he is GREAT ! the best teacher .. he helps the students wit everythin... He's funny .. and he...
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Man all you kids here complaining about coloring. When I had Mrs. Daly (graduated in 2010) she was one of the best...
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Such a shame he retired. Awesome guy.
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miss wilson is a really cool teacher. you have to do your homework and pass tests to class but she lets you retake...
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you learn a lot about the properties of alcohol