Brandywine High School

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Brandywine High School is a public high school located in Wilmington, Delaware and part of Brandywine School District. Brandywine High School is ranked 20 in Delaware. Learn More
1400 Foulk Rd Wilmington DE 19803
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Awhh i loveee sheets he's helped me in everything i needed these pass two years over all the highlight of brandywine!!!
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BARTOLOZZI ROCKS! Lots of people diss her because she actually gives work and grades like an actual teacher. Boohoo....
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ur kool
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Hes condesending and really boring most of the time Scale from 1-10? 4
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What can you even say about Mr. Rolph? He's funny, and he makes the absolute dryest material (AP world -pukes)...
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Mr. Money is a tough teacher but he really cares about his students. Sometimes this goes unnoticed and unappreciated...