Fox Lane Middle School

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Fox Lane Middle School is a public middle school located in Bedford, New York and part of Bedford Central School District. Fox Lane Middle School is ranked 1,176 in New York. Learn More

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Bedford Central School District

987 Students Enrolled
523 Male | 493 Female
S Bedford Rd Bedford NY 10506
22 ratings
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I love Mr V. He is the best teacher you will ever have if you are a favorite. Try to get on his good side and do not...

Sarah Fay

Department Music
21 ratings
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Mrs Fay is sweet, but she doesn't know how to teach middle school.


Department Music
17 ratings
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Best teacher you will ever meet!!!! (trust me) She is always nice to everyone and she is really funny, too. I...
4 ratings
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I have her for x-day and she is really nice but a bit strict
2 ratings
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Mrs. Landers is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!! She's awesome!!!!! :) She's sooo helpful, funny, and nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!