Fox Lane Middle School

Average 4.2 based on 1,369 teacher ratings
Fox Lane Middle School is a public middle school located in Bedford, New York and part of Bedford Central School District. Fox Lane Middle School is ranked 925 in New York. Learn More

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Bedford Central School District

987 Students Enrolled
523 Male | 493 Female
S Bedford Rd Bedford NY 10506
14 ratings
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She is currently the dean of students and doesnt understand situations. If you try to explain something to her she...
14 ratings
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I love coach amuso except he loves coaching wrestling wayyy more than softball... but when he does coach softball he...
11 ratings
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He's so nice!! He's my favorite gym teacher, ad he makes a lot of the things easier to understand than some of the...
4 ratings
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i love miller!!!!
5 ratings
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Love him! He is an amazing gym teacher.