Pace High School

Average 4.31 based on 211 teacher ratings
Pace High School is located in Pace, Mississippi with an average teacher rating of 4.31 stars. When comparing Pace High School's teachers to other teachers in the state of Mississippi, Pace High School's teachers are below the average of 4.4 stars. Pace High School ranks 1 amongst all High Schools in the state of Mississippi. Learn More
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Coach Sessions knows history very well. He's a good teacher, but not very challenging. He can really relate to his...
3 ratings
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Love him!
20 ratings
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Mrs. Quarles is the best teacher I could have for this class. I have always hated US History but, with her, it is my...
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Never really taught us. She just sat in her office then basically questioned us about what we read. She never really...
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Wow, Mr. Denny must have changed a lot since '05. He teaches the class *extremely* well. Very funny man as well; he...