Piedmont Hills High School

Average 4.06 based on 2,347 teacher ratings
Piedmont Hills High School is a public high school located in San Jose, California and part of East Side Union High. Piedmont Hills High School is ranked 1,217 in California. Learn More
1377 Piedmont Road San Jose CA 95132

Greg Smith

Department Math
19 ratings
Recent Rating
Smitty's a cool guy, nothing else to say.

Tylor Withrow

Department Computer Science
Former Teacher
10 ratings
Recent Rating
Great teacher. I've had him for 3 years, with this being my third one. Great so far and teaches well. Only gets...

Juan Sierra

Department Visual Arts
Former Teacher
7 ratings
Recent Rating
Sierra's class seems fun so far. Haha.

Steve Coryelle

Department English
Former Teacher
14 ratings
Recent Rating
He was a memorable teacher. Caring and laid back. I can't remember what we did in that class except for three main...

Jason Race

Department Economics
Former Teacher
9 ratings
Recent Rating
Mr. Race was the coolest teacher ever!! he is the kind of teacher you talk about during break periods and how fun it...

Carolyn Abbott

Department Science
Former Teacher
12 ratings
Recent Rating
i think shes a good teacher. 2nd semester in her math class i got a 110%. all you have to do is the work. and pay...
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